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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Vinci Code: "Mighty Mouse in Krakatoa"

Thanks again to the great Milton Knight that identified a lot of my favorite dance scenes performed by sexy female mice in Mighty Mouse cartoons as the work of the unsung Carlo Vinci.
This great animator did a lot of terrific work at Terry.
Enjoy the great Krakatoa Katie (" ...she's the lady, when she starts to shake her sarong...")'s dance scene from "Mighty Mouse in Krakatoa".

From Duck Dodgers to You


Blogger Kevin W. Martinez said...

Thanks for posting these, Andrea.

Your posting of these wonderful Mighty Mouse screengrabs further cements the notion that Viacom/Universal/whoever holdsDVD Rights to the Terrytoons should really give the Mightys some much needed attention.

11:00 pm

Blogger Roberto Gonz├ílez said...

Yeah, I'm totally interested in a Mighty Mouse dvd right now.

This is pretty damn sexy! Too bad she's a mouse... lol

2:35 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

if you love sexy female mice ( gosh, you maniac!...just kiddin'...), you'll find more dance sequences on this blog in the next days.

3:21 pm


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