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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Vladimir Tytla Celebration- Part 5

This time I want to show you one of the first directorial works of Tytla, the Famous Noveltoon "Sudden Fried Chicken", starring the short-lived duo of Herman the mouse (to be later paired with a certain dumb cat) and Henry, the hen-pecked rooster.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice screen caps, Andrea. From their look, it appears as if Tytla was still giving his head animators a little leeway in determining the "look" of the characters, even after his clash with Jim Tyer on Vlad's first two Popeye shorts. The head animator here, Orestes Calpini, never was as off-model as Jim Tyer was, but he would make his characters move/react a little strangely at times to get the comic effect he wanted.

Go ahead a year or two in Tytla's work at Fanmous, and it's as uniform from one head animator to another as Seymour Kneitel's work was (and with Tytla in more control of the design, he had the best-looking cartoons overall coming out of Famous in the late 1940s).

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