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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vladimir Tytla Celebration- Part 6

Enjoy some shots from a great copy of what is,IMHO, the best cartoon directed by Tytla and also one of Famous best efforts: "The Bored Cuckoo".

Yours Truly,

Duck Dodgers


Blogger Kevin W. Martinez said...

Hi Andrea, It's Kevin M. (Leviathan on the GAC forums).
I'm sorry I haven't been around.

First off, It's interesting to see such a unique title card example from Famous (Did this cartoon open with the standard Jack-in-the-Box opening? Or does your copy not have a "Noveltoon" card?)

I'll hazard a Guess this is either from the later 40's or 1950 (Because the style of drawing is not dissimilar to the Harvey-owned Noveltoons of the 50's). Also that bit with the female (A Mae West caricature?) bird at the birdbath must be great to see in realtime

1:13 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Mae West Character is based on a real person. She is related to the Thomas West, Baron DeLaWarr, (That's we got our name of the state Delaware) and a distant cousin (possibly) of Wesley Matthew Enloe.

7:03 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

After one cartoon, Cuckoo and his wife, "Mae West" bird, got the ax and both have vanished from the face of the Earth!

2:15 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Mae West was the extremely distant cousin of Wesley Matthew Enloe.

2:16 am


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