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Monday, January 01, 2007

Somewhere in Dreamland

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the visitors of Classic Cartoons blog!
In this first update for 2007. I'm going to fulfill a request by one of our commentators who asked to see the screenshots from Fleischer Color Classic "Somewhere in Dreamland". This cartoon released on 01/17/1936 is one of the most popular and famous Color Classics. It was also the first cartoon from this series to be released in 3-strip Technicolor, and it really benefited from having the full color range. The 3-D sequences are among the most outstanding and lavish ones that ever appeared in a Fleischer cartoon, and they should be really seen on the large screen to be fully appreciated. The storyline is perhaps too maudlin and sappy for its own good, and it's the fault that plagued many Fleischer Color Classics. However, this cartoon must have been particularly warmly received during the mid-30s (still the period of great economic crisis in US), and even today remains one of many people's favorites.
So, here are the screenshots from "Somewhere in Dreamland". My next update will feature another of last year's requested cartoons, "Poor Cinderella"


Blogger Craig D said...

FWIW, my three-year-old daughter is nuts about this cartoon, particularly the animal cracker carousel.


11:37 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This 3D work is amazing! wow!

Hammerson, can you get this to Andrea:

Congrats on winning the Scott Bradley CD, Andrea! You beat me by two seconds!

4:29 pm

Blogger Hammerson said...

Craig, Jorge: Happy New Year to you! And I just e-mailed the good news to Andrea.
Yes, these 3D scenes are truly amazing, and impossible to fully convey here using just static screenshots. They surely look miraculous on the big screen.

6:03 pm


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