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Monday, October 15, 2007

Western Whoopee

It's been a long time since we featured some crummy old Van Beuren cartoon. So, here's the rare one called Western Whoopee ( 04/10/1930). As usual, it's a mixture of the early 30s surrealism, pre-code vulgarity and some truly strange and occasionally barely competent animation. The main hero of this western cartoon is a Van Beuren's Mickey rip-off named Milton Mouse .

Some fans of the classic animation truly detest Van Beuren cartoons, but I really enjoy seeing them for all their virtues and faults. For more Van Beuren fun, check out my older posts:

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    If you're already a big fan of these cartoons, don't miss the chance to see the earliest Terrytoons, because they share many similar qualities with the output of Van Beuren studio:

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    Dancing skeletons were a regular staple of many early 30s cartoons, and this belongs to the most demented scenes of its kind. These are just few screenshots, but the whole scene should be really seen in full motion to be appreciated.

    A ferocious swordfight in a western cartoon

    Our hero swallows his sword...

    ... and gives some rough love to his girlfriend. Crazy stuff... I love it!



    Blogger Craig D said...

    Two words: ROBOT HORSES!
    Do you know the title of this particular cartoon? The copy I have (from Cartoon Network - Japan) is missing the title card.

    3:45 pm

    Blogger Craig D said...


    Maybe the title is "Western Whoopee?"


    3:46 pm

    Blogger classicparamountcartoons said...

    What about THE TOYLAND CAPER? It had a Mickey rip-off on it. If you happen to have this cartoon, would you post it on this blog?

    11:48 pm

    Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

    It is on one of Steve Stanchfield's excellent DVD releases.
    Here's my old dvd review.

    10:40 am

    Blogger Eshniner Forest said...

    I love this so much!!!!

    12:46 am

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wonderful! I like how the Mickey-like mouse sliced his opponent into tiny pieces. You don't see that every day!

    1:58 pm

    Blogger Tommy José Stathes said...

    "Some fans of the classic animation truly detest Van Beuren cartoons"
    And some really glorify them!
    A fan or enthusiast who dismisses anything below Warners or Disney in my book is not a very open-minded historian...hence why I say they are merely enthusiasts ;-)

    9:26 pm


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