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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Buy "Mouse Chronicles" on Blu Ray and DVD

I strongly suggest you to buy one of the lates WB home video releases which does include 20 restored cartoons, some of them with restored original titles unseen from their original theatrical release. The shorts are the complete theatrical output of Sniffles the Mouse, Hubie and Bertie and Freleng's "Mouse Mazurka" (this one included as a bonus among with several other unrestored mouse-themed shorts).
Stay tooned, Andrea

Friday, September 14, 2012

Go-Go Gonzales

Enjoy other sunday pages by the underappreciated and unsung Manuel Gonzales. His style is marvellous and was a great inspiration for italian "Master" Romano Scarpa. You'll notice how the cat, a recurring character in the pages, is the same that appears in the Disney short "Pluto's Kid Brother".
Stay Tooned, Andrea

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Ellsworth/Gancio Rarities

Hi folks, back from "The Twilight Zone"......gone are the days I could find the time to update this blog every day or every next post was almost a year ago. But I want to come back. As a gift here you have several sunday pages with Ellsworth, better known in Italy as "Gancio", the talking mynah bird (mind you, not a crow or a magpie). Enjoy this stuff, never reprinted since its initial release on newspapers. David Gerstein, if you are reading this, how I'd love a collection of Disney Sunday Pages devoted to Mickey Mouse and Silly Simphonies (this second one then evolved into Joe Carioca, Panchito etc.).
Stay tooned, andrea

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