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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Shots Moment from "The Foghorn Leghorn"

I've always loved this sequence from "The Foghorn Leghorn". It starts as a consequence of this:

and degenerates into the following:

Foggy is a complete passive character in the fight. Look at him, motionless, sort of a dead body, with the tongue out of his beak, dissacrated by that last kick too.
By the way, it's no mistery now that I'm rediscovering McKimson's first output (the good one), from the beginning to the early 50s. There are some incredibly funny shorts among them, you can notice great timing or funny visual/verbal gags or great animation or marvellous background, rarely all things together. I've rewatched "The Egg-cited Rooster" today: there's some terrific animation of the dog done by Rod Scribner!


Blogger Gabriele_Gabba said...

Incredible. Magic isn't it?

6:13 pm

Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, I'm making a video archive of all public domain vintage cartoons. Was wondering if you would like to exchange links?
My blog is

(tried to find a direct way to contact you, but couldnt)


12:45 pm

Blogger Unknown said...


Would you be interested in exchanging links? I am currently archiving high quality videos of classic cartoons on my blog (

Please email me at if interested.


12:52 pm

Blogger TN├índi said...

These early Foghorn Leghorn shorts are truly great. I think the series jumped the shark around Feather Dusted, when the animation became soulless, and gags got weaker.

My personal favourite must be this one, Henhouse Henery and the always hilarious Fractured Leghorn.

6:32 pm

Blogger James E. Daniels said...

I've always liked that Foghorn beating too. Great animation!
You know that Foggy does deserve it after tormenting Dawg so often.
The scene with Foghorn commenting on the trunk is nicely timed as well. The multicolored smacks on Dawg are a nice touch. (I believe it's the same cartoon?)

3:05 pm

Blogger Kelly Toon said...

These are hysterical. Thanks so much for sharing! Is there any where to view this clip in action? I was laughing out loud at every single panel, can't wait to draw from these grabs.

May I please add your website to my website blogroll? It's under construction at

Thank you!

7:59 pm

Blogger Martin Juneau said...

Those are from one of my favourite cartoons of all-time. It's still a pleasure to watch them. The animation is so clear.

8:31 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice images. poor foggy!

do you know where i can find the old video of the crows in the cornfield, which when an electric fence was put around it, made all the corn pop into popcorn?

10:57 pm

Blogger Decor said...

Foghorn Leghorn! Gosh, I miss this rooster soo much. I used to watch a lot of Looney Toons when I was a kid but the popularity seemed to have died down.


8:58 pm

Blogger allen mez said...

Thank you. Thank you. No really, thank you.

5:22 pm

Anonymous Jassy said...

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2:14 pm

Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, when you take it frame by frame, you can see how violent he is to Foghorn, never really noticed that.

4:11 am

Blogger Old_Dog said...

I have two old 16mm cartoons that date back to the 30's. They aren't perfect but should be preserved. Contact me if you are interested. rrc_1940 at

1:56 pm


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