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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bob Clampett's "It's A Grand Old Nag"

Very difficult to see, "It's A Grand Old Nag" was Clampett's last theatrical cartoon, made shortly after he left WB for "greener pastures".
Directed by none other than Kilroy ( of course, Clampett himself. He put down "Kilroy" as director both on the film credits and in the Copyright Catalog).

Highlighted by the strong vocal characterization of Stan Freberg, and by the charming original tune "The Filly with a Twinkle in her Eye", this great cartoon tells the story of Charlie Horse dreaming to meet his love, the famous equine actress Hay-dy La Mare. He is pretty soon casted to be in her next movie, but he discovers only too late that he got to be the stunt for the leading hero, Ciro Van Snoot.
He then saves the goil's life from a fire and steals her heart!
Enjoy some pictures from this recent addition to my collection, a very good copy of this virtually unknown short, filmed in "original Trucolor"!

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