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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Vinci Code: "Mighty Mouse in Krakatoa"

Thanks again to the great Milton Knight that identified a lot of my favorite dance scenes performed by sexy female mice in Mighty Mouse cartoons as the work of the unsung Carlo Vinci.
This great animator did a lot of terrific work at Terry.
Enjoy the great Krakatoa Katie (" ...she's the lady, when she starts to shake her sarong...")'s dance scene from "Mighty Mouse in Krakatoa".

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Disturbing Cartoons: "Cocky Cockroach"

A recent post by the great Milton Knight in an animation forum gave me the idea to make a series of posts devoted to disturbing cartoons.
Here's some disturbing screenshots from "Cocky Cockroach", a 1932 Terrytoon.
Near the end, the hero, to save his girl, kills a spider with a sword.
The sword goes right trough his heart!!
Then we can see the bloodied sword as he gets rid of the villain's body!
Enjoy ( if this can be considered a pleasure...)

"Oh Yes. Let's celebrate the bloody death that I caused with an hot kiss!" ( Disgusting, isn't it?)

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vladimir Tytla Celebration- Part 4

Was this the work of Tytla alone or he was helped by other artists, like Carlo Vinci? (Translation: Mr. Knight, I need your help!).
However, this is another amazing piece of animation!
And look at the care for details!
The evils feline's eyes are green, but when it turns into a green monster his eyes turns bloody red!
For you pure enjoyement, here you have pictures from "Mighty Mouse meets Jekyll and Hyde cat".

Gee, the fate of the villains in the early Mighty Mouse cartoons....

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