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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So White NEVER Looked So Good!

"Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs" is one of the most charming cartoon ever made.
The story of the fairest of them all directed by the wildest and craziest of them all : the inimitable Bob Clampett.
Marvellous animation, great gags, a fast and furryous plot, these are the ingredients for perfection, reached by "The Man from Wackyland" in this animated short.
The voice cast includes Vivian Dandridge as So White, Leo "Zoot" L. Watson (a drummer and vocalist who was a member of the famed 1930s trio "The Spirits Of Rhythmas") as Prince Chawmin', the well known Lillian Randolph (a familiar name for any serious animation fans for being, among the many things, the voice of Tom and Jerry's own Mammy Two-Shoes as well as the Disney incarnations of the black mammy) as the storyteller and the great Danny Webb as the Queen.
Music includes a favorite of mine: "Blues in the Night" plus "The Five O'Clock Whistle" with new lyrics (sung while So White is cooking).

However, due to the all-black cast (Gosh! Even the disgusted worm is a black caricature!) and assorted stereotypes about blacks (dices and similia), this masterpiece was never officially made available on home video, and it is rarely shown on tv.
It was a long search, but at last I've found the perfect copy of this milestone in animation: at the time being, there are no better copies available.

Have a look at these screenshots and let's see what you think about them!

Look how terrific are the facial expressions of the prince!
They were difficult to appreciate in the crappy copies that we was forced to see for years!

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