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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Harveytoons DVD set

Jon Cooke, of GAC fame, posted the contents of the Harveytoons DVD set coming out the day 7 of November.

Here's the list:

Disc 1, Side A:

Show #1:
Boo Moon (1954)- Casper
Dizzy Dishes - Little Audrey
Out of This Whirl
Clip: Invention Convention

Show #2:
Mouse Trapeze - Herman & Katnip
Casper Comes to Clown (1951)- Casper
Jolly the Clown
Clip: Clown on the Farm - Baby Huey

Show #3:
Scout Fellow - Baby Huey
Boo Scout (1951) - Casper
Scouting for Trouble
Clip: Northwest Mousie - Herman & Katnip

Show #4:
Cat Tamale - Herman & Katnip
Bull Fright (1955) - Casper
Pedro and Lorenzo
Clip: Fiesta Time

Show #5:
Once Upon a Rhyme (1950) - Casper, Wolfie
Little Audrey Riding Hood - Little Audrey
Dante Dreamer
Clip: Winner by a Hare - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare

Show #6:
Mousetro Herman - Herman & Katnip
Boo Bop (1957)- Casper
Animal Fair
Clip: Vegetable Vaudeville

Show #7:
Huey's Ducky Daddy - Baby Huey
The Seapreme Court - Little Audrey
Feast and Furious - Finny & Katnip
Clip: Casper's Spree Under the Sea

Disc 1, Side B:

Show #8:
Herman the Catoonist - Herman & Katnip
Ghost of Honor (1957)- Casper
Rabbit Punch - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare
Clip: Tweet Music

Show #9:
Which is Witch (1958)- Casper, Wendy
Case of the Cockeyed Canary - Little Audrey
Perry Popgun
Clip: Sleuth But Sure - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare

Show #10:
Mice Meeting You - Herman & Katnip
True Boo - Casper
Jumping with Toy - Baby Huey
Clip: Ice Scream (1957)- Casper

Show #11:
Boos and Saddles (1953)- Casper
Git Along Little Ducky - Baby Huey
Shootin' Stars
Clip: Cat Carson Rides Again - Herman & Katnip

Show #12:
Casper Takes a Bow Wow (1951)- Casper
Dawg Gone - Little Audrey
Fido Beta Kappa
Clip: By Leaps and Hounds

Show #13:
Cat in the Act - Herman & Katnip
Ghost Writers (1958)- Casper
Top Cat
Clip: Starting from Hatch - Baby Huey

Show #14:
Swab the Duck - Baby Huey
Deep Boo Sea (1952)- Casper
Ship-a-Hooey - Herman & Katnip
Clip: Drippy Mississippi


Disc 2, Side A:

Show #15:
Of Mice and Menace - Herman & Katnip
Ghost of the Town (1952)- Casper
TV Fuddlehead
Clip: Law and Audrey - Little Audrey

Show #16:
Do or Diet (1953)- Casper
You Said a Mouseful - Herman & Katnip
The Voice of the Turkey
Clip: Hysterical History

Show #17:
Mice-Capades - Herman & Katnip
Fright from Wrong - Casper
Clip: Houndabout

Show #18:
One Funny Knight - Herman & Katnip
Red, White, and Boo - Casper
Silly Science
Clip: Dizzy Dinosaurs

Show #19:
Boo Kind to Animals - Casper
Surf Bored - Little Audrey
Okey Dokey Donkey
Clip: Fun at the Fair

Show #20:
Robin Rodenthood - Herman & Katnip
Cage Fright - Casper
Bopin Hood
Clip: Hold the Lion Please - Little Audrey

Show #21:
Good Scream Fun - Casper
Mouseum - Herman & Katnip
Fine Feathered Fiend
Clip: Forest Fantasy

Disc 2, Side B:

Show #22:
Drinks on the Mouse - Herman & Katnip [edit- sleeping pills end gag]
Pig-a-Boo - Casper, Wolfie
News Hound
Clip: Trick or Tree

Show #23:
Owly to Bed - Herman & Katnip
Boo-Hoo Baby - Casper
Bouncing Benny
Clip: Hound About That

Show #24:
Ground Hog Play - Casper
Sock-a-Bye Kitty - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack]
Talking Horse Sense
Clip: Aero-Nutics

Show #25:
Party Smarty - Baby Huey
Casper's Birthday Party - Casper
Clip: Mighty Termite

Show #26:
Zero the Hero - Casper
Cat-Choo - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack]
Finnegan's Flea
Clip: No Place Like Rome

Show #27:
City Kitty - Katnip
Spooking About Africa - Casper
Clip: Without Time or Reason

Show #28:
Of Mice and Magic - Herman & Katnip
Puss N Boos - Casper
Funderful Suburbia
Clip: The Boss is Always Right


Disc 3, Side A:

Show #29:
To Boo or Not to Boo - Casper
Mousieur Herman - Herman & Katnip
Good and Guilty
Clip: Miners 49ers

Show #30:
Boos and Arrows - Casper
Fiddle Faddle
Land of the Lost Watches
Clip: Fishing Tackler - Little Audrey

Show #31:
Pest Pupil - Baby Huey
Hooky Spooky - Casper
Kozmo Goes to School
Clip: Busy Buddies

Show #32:
One Quack Mind - Baby Huey
Heir Restorer - Casper
Cool Cat Blues
Clip: Surf and Sound - Herman & Katnip

Show #33:
Boo Ribbon Winner - Casper
Goodie the Gremlin
Cape Kidnaveral
Clip: Candy Cabaret

Show #34:
Monkey Doodles
Hide and Shriek - Casper
Popcorn and Politics
Clip: Snooze Reel

Disc 3, Side B:

Show #35:
Little Boo Peep - Casper
Trouble Date
The Shoe Must Go On
Clip: Gag and Baggage

Show #36:
A Bicep Built for Two - Herman & Katnip
North Pal - Casper
The Kid from Mars
Clip: Counter Attack

Show #37:
Huey's Father's Day - Baby Huey
Peek-a-Boo - Casper
Lion in the Roar
Clip: Fresh Yeggs

Show #38:
Sky Scrappers - Herman & Katnip
By the Old Mill Scream - Casper
Poop Goes the Weasel
Clip: From Dime to Dime

Show #39:
Audrey the Rainmaker - Little Audrey (edited)
Casper Genie - Casper
Right Off the Bat
Clip: TV or Not TV

Show #40:
From Mad to Worse - Herman & Katnip
Doing What's Fright - Casper
Stork Raving Mad
Clip: Hi-Fi Jinx


Disc 4, Side A:

Show #41:
Hide and Peak - Herman & Katnip
La Petite Parade
The Oily Bird
Sir Irving and Jeames

Show #42:
Down to Mirth - Casper
Turtle Scoop - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare
The Inquisit Visit
Katnip's Big Day - Herman & Katnip, Buzzy [original soundtrack]

Show #43:
Keep Your Grin Up - Casper
L'Amour the Merrier
Possum Pearl
Clip: Disguise the Limit

Show #44:
Not Ghoulty - Casper
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack]
Grateful Gus

Show #45:
Penguin For Your Thoughts - Casper
Mr. Money Gags - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare
Quack A Doodle Doo - Baby Huey

Show #46:
Spook and Span - Casper
Mice Paradise - Herman & Katnip
Cock-a-Doodle Dino
Kitty Cornered

Disc 4, Side B:

Show #47:
Felineous Assault - Herman & Katnip
Dutch Treat - Casper
Fit to be Toyed
Party Smarty - Baby Huey [the only cartoon repeated on the DVD set]

Show #48:
Rail Rodents - Herman & Katnip
Spook No Evil - Casper
Mike the Masquerader
Better Bait Than Never - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack]

Show #49:
Spunky Skunky - Casper
The Awful Tooth - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack / original 1960s Harveytoons TV titles]
The Planet Mouseola
Clip: Off We Glow

Show #50:
Line of Screamage - Casper
As the Crow Lies - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack]
The Lion's Busy

Show #51:
Spooking with a Brogue - Casper
Will Do Mousework - Herman & Katnip
Be Mice to Cats
The Phantom Moustacher

Show #52:
Frightday the 13th - Casper
Frighty Cat - Herman & Katnip
Spooking of Ghosts
Cane and Able

Luckily, they restored the original soundtrack of the Buzzy the Crow Noveltoons.
However a number of enjoable Famous Studios cartoons are missing or present only as excerpts ("Sleuth but Sure", "Winner by a Hare", "Casper's Spree Under the Sea", "Cat Carson Rides Again"....).
Let's hope in a volume 2 to "clean the mess".
"Rabbit Punch" misses, as all prints I've seen in my life, the original ending: an alteration of the usual Paramount ending credits (like it happened in "No, Ifs Ands or Butts" or "Alpine for You")

Anyway, I highly recommend to buy this set, due to the rarity and the incredible number of the cartoons featured in it.

Toby the Pup in "Halloween"

Here's a great spooky cartoon from Toby the Pup series. Like "The Milkman" presented here ten days ago, this is a very funny and inventive cartoon with beautiful rubber hose animation, and lot of obvious Fleischer influences.
For more info about the song "Smarty" used in this cartoon, check out David Gerstein's The Cartoon Pop Music Page .
Also, you can watch the entire cartoon here (unfortunately, this version on YouTube suffers from audio sync problems).

And finally, here's the entire Toby the Pup filmography. Cartoons denoted with * are known to exist today. The others are considered as lost.

The Museum (August 19, 1930) *
The Fiddler (September 1, 1930)
The Miner (October 1, 1930)
The Showman (November 22, 1930)
The Bug House (December 7, 1930)
Circus Time (January 25, 1931) *
The Milkman (February 25, 1931) *
Brown Derby (March 22, 1931)
Down South (April 15, 1931) *
Halloween (May 1, 1931) *
Aces Up (May 16, 1931)
The Bull Thrower (June 7, 1931)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cartoon of the Month: "L'ultimo SciusciĆ "

This time, I present you "L'ultimo SciusciĆ ", a cartoon that, as the regular readers of the blog may recall, I had already analysed a few months ago:
And now, for your enjoyment, here's your chance to see it in motion!

Yours Truly,

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Toby the Milkman (1931)

Until recently, Toby the Pup was one of the most mysterious and least known cartoon characters of the clasic era. All of the twelve Toby cartoons produced in 1930 and 1931 were once considered as lost. Fortunately, five cartoons have been discovered so far (though one of them survives only in an incomplete form), and there's always a hope that the others might appear in some archives all over the world. One of these rare cartoons, "Toby the Milkman" is featured in today's post. All Toby the Pup cartoons were produced by Charles Mintz and distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.

Toby the Pup cartoons were co-directed, co-written and animated by the powerhouse trio of Sid Marcus (who also created the character), Dick Huemer and Art Davis. Each of them took roughly one third of the cartoon, and worked on it almost independently. Such approach is really evident in "Toby the Milkman", because this cartoon consists of three nearly separate parts. In the last segment, "Toby the Milkman" for no particular reason suddenly transforms into a barn dance cartoon, with hilarious results.

This cartoon shows quite a lot of Fleischer influences in the design and gags. Also, Toby himself was rather similar in appearance to the earliest incarnations of Fleischer's Bimbo. That is not a coincidence, since both Sid Marcus and Dick Huemer worked at Fleischer studio before joining Charles Mintz.

"Toby the Milkman" is a very funny and enjoyable cartoon, and also a great example of early 30s rubber hose animation.

Take a look at the funny animal crowd in the background of the following five screenshots. You'll surely notice among them the two familiar characters from another series produced by Charles Mintz.

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