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Friday, March 28, 2008

Worth the Post?

It's not usual to hear the same tune being played in an MGM cartoon and in a Warner effort so I thought it would have been fun to devote a post about it.
Here's a scene you all know, from "Fast and Furry-Ous" (1949)[this same tune is used in a great number of Coyotes/Road Runner shorts though]

and here two clips from "Barney Bear's Polar Pest" (1944)

Caricato da Andrea_Dodgers

So long,
Duck Dodgers

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Egg Cracker Suite

Here's a Walter Lantz Swing Symphony released during Easter holidays 1943, directed by Ben Hardaway and Emery Hawkins. "Egg Cracker Suite" is the last ever cartoon appearance by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
And speaking of Easter rabbits... click here to see my Easter greeting card for this year . It's a frame taken from a cartoon I directed in 1932 :)

Happy Easter to all!

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