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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Buy "Mouse Chronicles" on Blu Ray and DVD

I strongly suggest you to buy one of the lates WB home video releases which does include 20 restored cartoons, some of them with restored original titles unseen from their original theatrical release. The shorts are the complete theatrical output of Sniffles the Mouse, Hubie and Bertie and Freleng's "Mouse Mazurka" (this one included as a bonus among with several other unrestored mouse-themed shorts).
Stay tooned, Andrea


Blogger Nicholas John Pozega said...

I got the set just recently, and while its great to see the Sniffles shorts on DVD, along with a bunch of new-to-dvd shorts, I am irritated that the shorts use digital interlacing in many parts when you freeze frame them on a laptop (works fine on my DVD player, fortunately). My guess is that the set was kinda rushed out to make it in time for Jones 100th.

7:43 pm

Blogger The Crazy HR said...

Hey Andrea.

"Mouse Mazurka" wasn't restored for this set. WHV has already restored it years ago. The quality of the restorations has improved over the years, and the difference bettween MM and the main shorts is visible.

9:09 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

yes I know "Mouse Mazurka" wasn't restored for the set but it is indeed restored and looks very good.

8:49 am

Blogger Tony Kim said...

Yay, the blog is back!

1:27 am

Anonymous jyothi said...

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6:17 am

Blogger Unknown said...

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1:32 pm

Blogger Unknown said...

I have always found it interesting to compare the Sniffles cartoons to the Hubbie and Bertie ones because it really represents the turning point of Chuck Jone's career.

9:40 am


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