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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Rare and Unknown : " Dingbat Land "

This 1949 Terrytoon extravaganza presents Gandy Goose and Sourpuss in search of the rare Dingbat ( the influence of " Porky in Wackyland " is obvious ), a wacky bird clearly inspired to the Dodo in the original Clampett cartoon and to both Disney's Aracuan bird and the early Daffy Duck of the Thirties .

Reading on a book of this mythical beast , Gandy and Sourpuss agree to go hunting for him . Because they do not know where this rare bird could be , they go in the only place where they know the bird is : right into the book !

So , our heroes found themselves in a jungle . They ask informations about the Dingbat to the Dingbat himslef ! To show to the boys how a Dingbat looks like , the wacky bird shoots a photo of himself and presents it to them !
Then a crazy hunt begins ! The bird rides an invisible motorcycle or an invisible horse , tricks the boys with all the wacky gags that someone could suppose , performs even some classic cartoon routines ( as when he puts an apple on his head to play William Tell with Sourpuss and then he trows it right in his face ! ).

As you can see from yourselves the majority of the negative events in this cartoon happen to poor Sourpuss . As a matter of fact , some reissue of the cartoons were titled " Sourpuss in Dingbat Land " . In this cartoon our Jimmy Durante -like feline friend is in fact the one playing the lead role , Gandy just goes with him ,even if the series is officially the Gandy Goose one . This happens in the majority of the cartoon starring the duo .

After another series of wacky events , the duo finally find the way to go outside the book , then Sourpuss , considering Gandy responsable for everything that happened ( a là Oliver Hardy 's " Here's another fine mess you got me into ! " ) , hits him with a big hammer . However , the Dingbat followed the boys in the real world ! He pops out from Sourpuss' hammer and , with another hammer , hits the cat on the head .

Enojy some pics from this unusual Terrytoons production and let me know your thoughts about it !

Yours Truly ,

Duck Dodgers

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't we do this one before?

11:40 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got a little feeling of deja-vu

11:57 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

we already got this post.
Considering that many people discovered this blog just in the last month, I'm doing some " flash backs" with some of my posts from the past.
It will not happen very much in the future.
But there are some posts that I would love to update.....

12:29 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

But I spend long time reading all the previous posts.

11:30 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Comments about the cartoon, fellers?

11:27 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks great, but unfortunately Ive never seen a gandy goose cartoon. Anyone want to post one on youtube?

5:53 pm

Blogger Anonymous1066 said...

I've been looking for years for a cartoon that fucked with my mind. I thought I'd found it but I was wrong. It WAS a DoDo rip-off, but it had a british hunter trying to find it and a REAL close rip-off of the DoDo, rather than using the stock character crazy bird. The DoDo knock off had a crop of hair on the top of its head, and it would fling the hair at the hunter and flames would come from his hair! It didn't talk, it just made sounds. It was creepy! Does anyone know what i'm talking about? Anyone remember this cartoon? Responses would be DEEPLY appreciated!

5:05 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, take a look at this:

At the very end it talks about the plagiarism and the flame strange creature.

8:29 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking for a cartoon that has two sibling bears and their mother warned them not to quarrel, and they did. They fought so much that they some how ended up trapped in a glass forest and was separtated from their mother forever. It was very strange and sad when I watched it as a child.

1:04 am


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