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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pard' me, have you seen....."Fair Today"?

Virtually unfindable nowadays, a copy of "Fair Today" should be a must in every animation collector's home.
The running gag alone is worth the price of the ticket.
If you want little gems like this to be available in your hands, well, just do your duty, buy the Woody Woodpecker set as soon as it will be out, and maybe we'll soon have a second set with other classics (and maybe this one too).
If you haven't seen it, "well, have a good look at"... a few screenshots at least!

Well, I'll be seein' ya,

Duck Dodgers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any suggestion where it can be found? I've been looking for a copy longing than the little old lady's been asking if anyone's seen her little boy!

2:47 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember a cartoon with an old man trying to catch fish in a bucket and the narrator telling him "don't you know you can't catch fish in a bucket?" ???

3:02 am


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