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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Censor This! "The Isle of Pingo Pongo"

Duck Dodgers


Blogger Kevin W. Martinez said...

Andrea my friend.

Nice looking screenshots. I'm guessing it'till a blue ribbon.

12:00 am

Blogger Michael Jones said...

So wrong, yet so hilarious. Can you enlighten me as to who the little bald guy in green is?
Furthermore, the short musician in blue vest & yellow shirt seems familiar. Who is his caricature supposed to represent?
Sexiest...Antelope...Ever! (Think it might be a Dik-Dik?)

1:04 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Hi Michael,
that is the usual caricature of Fats Waller.
A feline version of him is the star in "Tin Pan Alley Cats" by the way...
the "little fellow" is Egghed. The short is narrated like a documentary and troughout the whole short the little guy keeps asking the narrator "Now, boss?".
At the end the sun is supposed to sink slowly in the West (a leitmotiv in many documentaries of them days). The sun does not do it and it's Egghead's turn to help! "Now, boss?" "Yes, now" and he shoots the sun out of the picture!

7:05 am

Blogger Michael Jones said...

Thanks for clearing that up. You are a font of knowledge.

1:01 am


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