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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Quiet, please! Not a sound!

Don't you think silence is indeed golden?
Well, my friend Tom Sthates certainly does think it.
If you love or like silent animation or you are simply curios, I strongly suggest you to at least try and buy one of his DVD releases. The prices are really affordable and everything is worth the price.
Not only for historical interest. The stuff is real fun!
Who can deny the charm of Felix cartoons? They were marvellous! And Farmer Alfalfa was already a consolidated star before the advent of sound cartoons.

Go check Tom's blog and do yourselves a favor ordering some cartoons. Tell my friend that good ol' "Double D" sent you there and you'll be properly welcomed!!

Allow yours truly to suggest you these ones:

TS15: Felix the Cat Volume 1
Feline Follies

Felix in the Swim

Felix in the Bone Age

Felix Out of Luck

Felix Finds Out


One Good Turn

April Maze

Tee Time

TS16: Felix the Cat Volume 2


Felix Strikes it Rich

Felix Turns the Tide

Felix Hyps the Hippo

Felix Goes West

Felix Gets the Can

Felix in Eats Are West


Woos Whoopee

Sculls and Skulls

TS17: Felix the Cat Volume 3


Felix Tries for Treasure

Felix in Hollywood

Felix Doubles for Darwin

Felix All Puzzled

Felix Monkeys With Magic

Felix Dopes it Out

Felix in Two-Lip Time


Hootchy Kootchy

TS18: Felix the Cat Volume 4


Felix Busts a Bubble (1926)

Flim Flam Films (1927)

Felix Hits the Deck (1927)

Outdoor Indore (1928)

Comicalamities (1928)

Arabiantics (1928)

Pollytics (1928)

Oceantics (1930)

Felix cartoons are work of art, not only mere cartoon. Buy the DVDs and you'll see for yourselves.
Here some shots from assorted Tom's DVDs

Duck Dodgers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a minute there, I thought you were going to talk about Avery's last cartoon.

7:07 pm

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