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Thursday, August 09, 2007

HOW TO RELAX with Jim Tyer

The craziest animator of all time is back with vengeance! Here's part two in my weekly series of posts dedicated to the inimitable Jim Tyer. If you missed the last week's post, you can find it HERE .

The regular Heckle & Jeckle nemesis Dimwit had a very short-lived series of his own. Only three cartoons have been made, and one of them called "How to Relax" (1954) is featured in today's post. Dimwit in this more humanized form is basically a Goofy rip-off, and most of the situations will be familiar to anybody who has seen Jack Kinney's excellent Goofy cartoons from the early 50s. However, one thing that sets this cartoon apart is the unbelievable animation by Jim Tyer. The first two minutes contain one of the greatest depictions of frustration and neurosis ever seen in any cartoon. I find these screenshots almost uncomfortable to watch. The rest of the cartoon is a fairly routine Terrytoon, with exception of ending...

The finale of this cartoon is absolutely shocking and unexpected. It's Tyer's animation again, this time showing the psychotic rage and insanity of the main character. These are truly amazing and terrifying drawings.

Is he really going to do it? Is this going to be a suicide or homicide? Well, I won't spoil it for you. The whole cartoon is available at Thad's blog . The lower frame-rate hurts many of the Tyer's scenes, but it's a great opportunity to see this rarely shown cartoon.

Next post: "The Barber of Seville" with Woody Woodpecker

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Blogger Kasey said...

Now that you brought up Barber of Seville, I'm curious... How does that cartoon look on that Woody set? That cartoon is the on;y reason I'm buying that DVD.

4:24 pm

Blogger Hammerson said...

Well, it looks rather grainy, with contrast pushed way too much, and some scenes suffer from DVNR. I'm disappointed with the video transfers on some cartoons from Woody DVD. Still, based on the strength and quality of cartoons included there, it's a set that's really worth owning. There are 75 valid reasons for buying that DVD.

5:44 pm

Blogger Eshniner Forest said...

The drawings are all really funny & well controlled. I dig.

11:54 pm

Blogger Hammerson said...

>> The drawings are all really funny & well controlled. I dig. <<

That's true. Tyer's scenes can sometimes look out of control and wild for their own sake, but his animation here looks perfectly controlled and done completely in order to achieve the particular effect and describe the state of mind of the main character. It's a pity that Philip A.Scheib's music score diminishes some of the power of these two scenes. They look better without sound.

2:40 pm

Blogger Kevin Langley said...

This cartoon has one of the greatest endings ever. I showed this to a casual cartoon fan and he lost it at the ending. Too funny. This is one of my favorite Terrytoons, even if it's a goofy ripoff.

1:46 am

Blogger Nart said...

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3:55 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terrytoons Just wouldn't be Terrytoons without the two Main Men: James Tyre and Carlo Vinci, Both of them were more responsible and More Important for the Terrytoons house style more than any other animator, even Paul Terry Himself. In Fact, There Really Should have been a few pre-Deitch terrytoons that Jim Tyer Animated ALL BY HIMSELF!!!, and also there should have been at LEAST one Paul Terry-era Toon that should have been only animated by both Carlo vinci and Jim Tyer. Anyway those animators aside, I Really Like the Staging and Composition of these Terrytoons, Everything Reads So Clearly! and also the Background Colors are Really the most Beautiful Things i've ever seen. I'd Like to see some in Extremely Clean Three Strip Technicolor with Original Titles Prints Someday. Without any of the Extraneous TV stuff with the Horrid Viacom Logo at the end!.

Cheers, Andrea Dodgers.

Asim Ishak.

2:28 pm


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