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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Wise Quackers"

I was asked to post this story by a fan of my blog.
Notice the differnces between this entry and the cartoon.


P.S.: Gimme time and I'll soon return to post about cartoons. It's just that I'm incredibly busy with study and social life. My cartoon collection is getting bigger every week! More rarities to be highlighted soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this was amazing! any idea who drew it? and can you post more?
thanks made my day
ps what issue is this from?or year?


7:14 pm

Blogger Martin Juneau said...

Hey! Great comic! I haven't seen the original cartoons since a few years. The adaptation look nice and cheerful.

9:18 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was the drawings by Tom McKimson?
The animated version of this story is my favorite Friz's Daffy Duck cartoon.

11:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, not Tom McKimson... but that said, I can't identify who *did* do it. I've also heard this story attributed to Gil Turner, though it's definitely not his either.

6:02 pm

Blogger Thad said...

I think this comic was drawn by Ken Champin.

2:04 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The joke with Abraham Lincoln asking about Elmer's whipping slaves seems similar to Bugs's similar joke on Yosemite Sam in "Southern Fried Rabbit."

12:30 am

Blogger Ross Irving said...

Ha. This comic story I have seen here is much more lively and fast-paced then the Looney Tunes comics I've seen in DC comics today. This was a great story, thanks for putting it up.

4:48 pm

Blogger S.L said...

great comic!Is fantastic to read this old stuff!

11:40 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are You That busy with Your social Life? (Considering you haven't posted anything since last month and now it's 2008!!)

2:09 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you been really behind on posts but, will you ever return? if so, will you countinue posting about LTGC Vol.5?

3:23 am

Blogger Hammerson said...

>> I know you been really behind on posts but, will you ever return? if so, will you countinue posting about LTGC Vol.5? <<

The answer to both questions is YES, very soon! Don't write us off yet :) There will be a new post this weekend, and the regular updates will follow.

6:19 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

yosemite(get it),
yes, I'm really that busy, with both professional and social life.
Hope to be able to do more updates in the future.

4:46 pm

Blogger James E. Daniels said...

That's a great adaptation of the cartoon!
What issue would this be from?

3:19 pm


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