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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

De Betty Boop-arum

Nuntio vobis habemus summam betty boop-arum!!
This is a post I was working on from months. I've included shots from all the risquè moments in the Betty Boop cartoons. It is unbelievable how many times the underwear of this "little miss" is shown. It seems hardly plausible that she lost her top tens of times revealing her bra. Her "cute legs and miscellaneous" are often shown to the audience and even what kids should not allowed to see pops out frequently. Did you ever dare to count how many gags are built around her garter belt? And almost every character in her cartoons plans to woo (the good guys) or rape (the villains) her.
I've tried to highlight all these moments from all the shorts in which she appears, including the times she has canine of feline forms. I couldn't locate a copy of "Accordion Joe" (which seems unfindable) though. If anyone got a copy (hardly possible) please contact me.
Anyway here you have a visual compendium of the these classic Boop moments, filled with sexuality and pre-Code bravery. Among the most shocking are the shots of her very first cartoon, "Dizzy Dishes".

See Youse,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Betty wasn't called the studio's pinup girl for nothin'. Thank you for this frisky post, Andrea.

2:43 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting post, appreciate your work on this, but have to say: watch what you write man, there's enough conservative PC shit going around these days, we don't need people (stupid uneducated people who might read your post) suddenly thinking that there's something wrong with the old cartoons, because hey who are we kidding, all these frames you've posted are freakin' innocent as hell. its the human body man, and half the time it isn't - it's a cat or dog's shape. anyway, let's not pretend this stuff is titillating or controversial, cause it isn't. don't go for attention that doesn't make sense.

3:14 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

huh? This is to show how much freedom the animators and the people behind these shorts had.
Don't deduct the exact opposite of what I had in mind with this post. I'm celebrating these shorts, not condemning them.

12:51 pm

Blogger ramapith said...

For years, everyone gasped that BETTY BOOP'S RISE TO FAME had what appeared to be a single frame showing a naked breast. To quote the no doubt interested Zeke Wolf (1934), "You don't know the half of it, baby! Moohoohohohahahaha!"

2:11 pm


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