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Friday, July 18, 2008

No Boobs for me, thanks, I'm drivin'

Contrary to the rest of the World, Disney does not think boobs are something we should love to see.
That's the uncut footage from "All the Cats Join In", one of the best segments in "Make Min Music".

In the version released on DVD that's what we can actually see.
Notice how they did not magically deleted the girls' breast while she is undressing, and a mirror separates the eyes of the audience from her, but they deleted them when she runs out of the shower and dresses herself.

More seriously, at Disney they were scared to death by the fact that this girl is in her teens, and under age, so they felt it was unappropriate to show her naked breast.
Can you imagine the Fleischers thinking something like this in the early Thirties?

See Youse,



Blogger Kevin W. Martinez said...

Another hallmark of the Walt Eisner corporation.

Thanks for showing frames of the scene in its unedited glory, Andrea.

1:12 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great post. Betty Boop was regarded as being a perpetual 16-year old, and we got to see one of hers in "Betty Boop's Rise To Fame". It's perfectly legal as long as it's not pornographic (at least here in North America). Here in Canada, it's legal to be topless at any age, so why be disallowed to see on TV what you can see for free on the streets?

8:59 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the level of PC around today, and the freeze-frame ability of DVDs, I almost don't blame Disney for turning the girl into an AA cup. I wish they had a little more guts to stand up to some publicity-seeking blue-nose, but like the banned cartoons outside the Censored 11 Warners has to deal with, they are worried that someone is going to try and make a name for themselves by getting media attention be creating a controversy that was never there.

4:13 am


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