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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Big Bad Week- Act V

Again another Buettner story (admiring these beautiful pages don't you think that it is a colossal shame that this author is not celebrated as he would deserve?). This has always been one of my favorite Disney stories.
No celebration of BB would be complete without posting this one.

BONUS: "Three Little Wolves", the best short starring BB in my opinion.




Blogger ramapith said...

Agreed on ALL fronts. At Gemstone, we reprinted this particular Buettner story last fall (WDC&S 686); the proofs were badly damaged but I repaired them, as it mattered so much to me to get this particular story into print!
As for the cartoon: liddle pigs ist gut to eat!

9:25 pm

Blogger Pasquale said...

gotta love these old cartoons! thanks for posting!

1:58 am

Blogger HenriekeG said...

One of my absolute favorite wolf comics! I love these Dutch wolf albums from the 70s/80s where they combined the good old American comics with Dutch ones that have been drawn in the same style.
Are you familiar with these Dutch stories? If not, I'd love to share them!

3:18 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

I'd sure love to see them Dutch stories!
Please share them on your blog and let me know when you'll have done it!
Thanks in advance-

3:25 pm

Blogger HenriekeG said...

Hi there,

I only post my own sketches on my blog, but I could send you the scans you you can put them on your own blog, if you're okay with that!
I do have quite a lot of Dutch Duck and Brer Rabbit comics on my computer already, some translated. Let me know if you're interested in those as well. I absolutely love your blog so scanning some stuff for you would be a pleasure!

3:37 pm

Blogger Kevin W. Martinez said...

I've ALWAYS love the Three Little Wolves cartoon, even before I could talk. IT's just great.

1:45 am

Blogger Julayla said...

Awesome finds, though I wish more of these could be found (and translated).

3:13 am


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