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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Introducing....Ozzie the Ostrich !

Ironically , one year after Famer Al Falfa received Kiko the Kangaroo as a gift from his brother Hank , Kiko the Kangaroo himself received as a gift another animal , an ostrich .
In " Ozzie the Ostrich comes to Town " we are introuded to another of the characters that Paul Terry tried to develope to a star ' s status . However , while Kiko was enoyable , funny and a friendly character , Ozzie was just a troublemaker animal " tout court " , like Pluto or Frisky Puppy , but with not a single trace of their charme .
Also , another point against any possibility of the character's success : the incredibly irritating laugh . You would have to hear for yourself !

In 1938 , Terry would develope another star , Gandy Goose . This time the choice would be a more succesful one . Gandy survived for more than a decade and was used in a considerable number of cartoons .

I've post some pics from a few Ozzie cartoons , in which he created troubles for both Kiko and Farmer Al Falfa . Enyoy !

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Gandy, are you going to post some of his cartoons?
As for the ostrich,it seems that Donald's ostrich cartoon was better since the ostrich just coo and was funnier(the radio gag stole the show), but I haven't seen Ozzie yet( I doubt I was missing anything).

10:40 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Yes , i'll post a detailed review of Gandy Goose 's " The Magic Pencil " this month .

6:28 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a 78rpm record called Ozzie The Ostrich sung by John Corvo and the Satisfiers on the Peter Pan label. It's for sale.

The first 2 sentences go "Ozzie the ostrich, the bird with the long, long legs. Nobody knows where he goes to doze, or where he lays his eggs."

The other side of the record is "Bimbo".

Email me at

2:44 pm


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