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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ren and Stimpy in " Stimpy's Pregnant "

Here for you a few shots from another unaired " Ren and Stimpy APC " episode , " Stimpy's Pregnant " .
It's a great episode , one of the best in the Ren and Stimpy saga ! Of course the humor is gross ( as in the majority of John K ' s Spumco works ) , even too gross , in my opinion ( expecially the ending ) .

Anyway , this two-part episode is a must-see for any fans of John K ' work as well as for any ones who loves classic cartoons .

The animation is superb , every single frame do show a completely different expression , like it happened in many of the best Bob Clampett WB cartoons of the late forties , as " Baby Bottleneck " or " Kitty Kornered "

See for yourselves !
Enjoy !

Yours Truly ,

Duck Dodgers

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Silly me...I was under the impression that Stimpy was a BOY...

12:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was the gross ending of this cartoon( I know it's going to spoil the ending, but I rather hear what it is than see what it is)?

10:27 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ren and stimpy are so damn funny now!

10:29 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That thing about there being a different drawing in every frame...

I oughtta ask John how he (or even Bob Clampett) could do that shit but still have a great flow of animation.

6:19 pm


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