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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Rare and Unknown : " Big Game Hunt "

Just to start in a good way the new year , I'm going to show some pics from one great Terrytoon , " Big Game Hunt " .

This Farmer Al Falfa's vehicle shows Al Falfa hunting ( or better : trying to hunting ) a vaste number of animals , including a rhynoceros , a tiger , a little monkey as well as a big ape .

Things change fast in life , expecially during big game huntings : in a few time our hero soon becomes the prey of some black stereotyped indigens and , later , of a big lion . Anyway , Al Falfa have seen enough Tarzan movies to know how to conquer the lion's respect and friendship .

Enjoy these pics from this 1937 cartoon !

Yours Truly ,

Duck Dodgers

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Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Like it , folks ?

6:24 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do. Isn't this one of the last cartoons to feature Farmer Al Falfa, since this cartoon was released so late in his series?

9:59 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Nope , he even appeared in the Forties !

6:15 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

You would also like to know that Farmer Al Falfa is one of the few characters which actually appeared in cartoons made by different studios ( examples are Felix the Cat , Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Peg Leg Pete ) .

In fact , Al Falfa not only appeared in the Terrytoons cartoons , but was also casted in a few Van Beuren cartoons ( like " Summertime " and " The Iron Man " ) , then Paul Terry claimed the character as his own property and Van Beuren stopped to develope further Farmer Al Falfa's antics .

8:19 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read about that Van Beuren problem in "Of Mice and Magic." I've meant that the cartoon was one of the last cartoons on the Farmer's label. He did appeared in some cartoons in the forties, including one that introdeuces a couple of magpies.

2:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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this is an utterly hott cartoon as it features popeye valiently struggling against many hands upon him, he is tied anyway by lots of rope, even tho he almost hops away, he is pounded atop his head, stunned, and before he can regain his senses, he is already flattened out into steak form, and flung into a hott frying pan!!!
sexy, hott indeed!

7:08 pm


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