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Saturday, January 21, 2006

" Sunday Go To Meetin ' Time "

Here you have a ton of pictures from one of the most offensive cartoons ever made : " Sunday Go To Meetin ' Time " .
This cartoon is a basket full of stereotypes about black people . If you do not know how many and what kind of gags directed to blacks were used in Hollywood cartoons during the Thirties/Forties , just watch this cartoon : you ' ll find them all here !
From stealing chickens and watermelons trough gambling and playing dices right to gags about the color of the skin or the physical appearence .
However , closing this cartoon into a vault , letting the dust of times destroying the prints without any work of restoration and pretending that it never existed is even more offensive than the stereotyped gags here included .
A view of this cartoon ( that , anyway , is very funny and entertaining , being the work of a great director like Friz Freleng , a master in timing ) not only delights but explains , to quote Leonard Maltin 's words in the Disney Treasures introductions , how far we have gone trough the decades .
Enjoy !

Yours Truly ,

Duck Dodgers

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an intreasting cartoon. I guess that has all the stereotype charateristics of a African American back then (no offence).

6:18 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay I don't know how this could've been closed into a vault... Im pretty sure I saw this cartoon a few years ago...! I could swear it!

6:13 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

What I was meaning is that this cartoon was never officially released on home video by WB .

And it is very difficult that it will be in the near future .

5:14 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is sammy again, i'm having trouble getting logged in, anyway, duck dodgers, how did you get a hold of this?

11:55 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

I got this cartoon from a friend of mine..a collector of 16mm and 35mm prints ....

6:41 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can find this cartoon on ifilm
i am agianst the mean spirit of these cartoons, but i like to reveal my past so i watch them

10:20 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it possible that your collector friend could make a digitalized copy of the film for educational and historical purposes? The restored versions floating around the Internet suck eggs for video and sound quality.

6:42 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeech, The Character designs In this One Are Really Hideous-Looking and Extremely Hard on the Eyes. I Am Not Very Fond of The 30s Warner Bros Cartons , To Me The Character designs To me are Extremely Amateurish and Really Unappealing and They are Extremely Hard on the Eyes, Just Like the Miami Fleischer Cartoons of 1939-1941 (e.g Gulliver's Travels and it's wretched spinoffs, the Color Classics and Popeye Meets William Tell, The Supporting Characters in that cartoon are Murder on the Eyes, Totally Unappealing and Very Amateurish, I Fully Agree with John K. That Shamus Culhane Really was A Pretty Bad Artist and A Totally Unfit Director, He Did not Even Understand Popeye.) and The Wretched Later Famous Stuidos Output from 1947-Onward (Casper, Little Audrey, Herman And Katnip, Baby Huey, Zippy Zephyr) and It Seems That All of these I Am Describing Are All Attempts to Mimic Disney. In The 1930s, 1940s and the 1950s, Why Did Everybody Try To Imitate Disney and WB Cartoons or Worse, UPA (which i Greatly Despise A lot more than the other classic studios), What's Wrong with Being Original And Taking Influences From Actual Life Experiences and Instead Being Influenced By Humanity, Why Copy Trends (which are a Really Bad thing to me) Also What Turns Me Off on Several 1930s Warner Cartoon Output Is The Creepy Looking Early Blue W-B shield Graphic, Which Looks Extremely Scary on Extremely Faded TV prints and It Seems the Worst of these 30s Cartoons like this one were Directed By Friz Freleng. I Never Really Cared for Freleng, I View Him As A Total Hack Director by these cartoons. I Am Also Not Very Fond Of Clampett Either, He Is Way too Overrated, Sure There is Some Nice, Solid Professional Animation by the Great Bob McKimson and Sometimes Virgil Ross, But Rod Scribner's Amateurish and Sloppy Animation in his cartoons Just Bother Me, Just Like Les Kline (who is even more worse than scribner and i consider kline to be the poorest animator in the golden age with barely any redeeming quality) in a lot of Paul J Smith films and Al Coe's Animation isn't much better either. The WB cartoons i Like are the Ones Directed By Frank Tashlin and Arthur Davis in the 1940s, Both Are Very Underrated and Should Have Stayed Longer, And I Also Like Chuck Jones, He Is A Fantastic Drawer and His Best Stuff was made in the early 1940s to the late 1950s (roughly from the Dover Boys to Itch his own, which was an incredible swan song for carl stalling) So In Conclusion, When You Guys Say to Me "What are your thoughts about the Famous "Looney Tunes/ Merrie Melodies" I Say It Defiantly Has Its Moments and I Actually Like the Ones Directed By Frank Tashlin, Tex Avery (Only For the Bugs Bunny Shorts he did, He Later Improved his Craft at MGM) Arthur Davis, Robert McKimson and Chuck Jones, All Made in the 1940s and the 1950s, Don't Really Like or Care for Clampett At All and Simply Resent the Hackwork by Friz Freleng and the Cartoons Made in the 1930s, This Is All My Opinion, I Don't Mean to Offend you Guys and Everyone Is Entitled to their Own Opinions.

Yours Truly

5:03 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This cartoon has not shown on television since 1968. It is racist, and Leonard Maltin would have said, "Don't judge them, try to understand they were of that time." It is very, very, very hard to find and can't be shown and remains in the vaults permanently.

5:15 pm


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