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Sunday, January 15, 2006

John K presents " Boo Boo Runs Wild "

The recent months have seen the releases of " The Huckleberry Hound Show " and " The Yogi Bear Show " on dvd .
Both dvd sets feature a large amount of shorts featuring the " smarter than the average bears " loveable bruin Yogi .
So , inspired by this , I went to watch my old taped copy of " Boo Boo Runs Wild " , a John K " Ranger Smith cartoon " .

I forgot how funny this short was . John K used the majority of the tipical Hanna-Barbera music and sound effects . He gave , as in the original TV productions , a great attention to the voice cast ( trivia note : Mr. Steve Worth , of ASIFA fame , is the voice of Yogi in this picture , paired with John K himself as Boo Boo ).
However , this cartoon has something that the original TV Yogi cartoons could only dream about : marvellous animation .
John K spoofed the fact that in the old Yogi cartoons ( as well as in the majority of the TV animated cartoons ) , few attention was given to the animation . In fact , even in this cartoon , RangerSsmith changes his design in a lot of scenes .
This gag was also used , with greater results , in another John K " Ranger Smith " cartoon , the hilarious " A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith " , where the ranger changes his graphical aspect a hundred of times !

Dedicated to the legendary Ed Benedict , this short was rarely shown on tv in his entirety . The climatic moment , the Yogi 's fight against Ranger Smith , was cut many times .
Enjoy some screenshots from an uncut copy , that , unfortunately , is not logo free.

Yours Truly ,

Duck Dodgers

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the plot of this one? Also as as a regular note John K. is doing another H-B related project called Saterday Morning Fever and is for the kids and kids in heart.

6:19 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Yep !
Boo Boo , sick and tired to live by the rules , starts acting like a wild bear .
The ranger is forced to shoot him dead !
Yogi fights against him to save his friend and Boo Boo , watching the two fighting , returns at his normal character .

6:30 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess he was tired of the bears calling him a sissy or ranger's pet.

10:09 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

He is simply tired to be controlled by both the Ranger and Yogi .
A funny scene occurs when Boo Boo , after explaining that he is sick to be told : " Boo Boo , don't do this thing ! " and turning wild , leaves Yogi alone and goes into the woods , with Yogi behind him yelling: " Boo Boo , don't do this thing ! " .

9:58 am

Blogger Unknown said...

Nice screen grabs, is htere any way I could see the entire short...I don't get adilt swim up here in canada..


1:59 am

Blogger Brian Perez said...

John K. is a sick man.
His shorts are akin to pornography.
He ruins everything he touches.
Keep him out of the animation studio at ALL costs!
This is, of course, one man's opinion.

Carry on...

Btw, his take on the Flintstones forced me to remove my nephew from in front of the TV and to change the channel. If this were only on Adult Swim, I wouldn't complain, but the Cartoon Network actually showed this on Saturday morning!
How can you appreciate this mutant?

4:30 pm


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