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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Did You Miss Me ? : " Hot Noon "

This 1953 cartoon was victim of a great number of cuts . In fact , the majority of the copies that were aired on TV stations ( in the US and in Europe ), as well as the one included on the recent Columbia House dvd series , not only miss some funny gags , but they also lose the complete original ending sequence .

I 'll try to show you how the cartoon appeared in theaters one half century ago .

First , the censored copies do not present the original title art and title card as well as the cartoon credits .

Then , let's talk a little about the plot . Woody is a piano player in a saloon . He entertains the customers with the aid of a sexy senorita .
The joyous atmosphere is disturbed because the notorious Buzz Buzzard comes to town .
Every one turns chicken ( litterally ! ) . So the senorita seduces Woody and ask him to go outside and chase the bandit .

Here , The censored versions of " Hot Noon " continues showing Woody outside the saloon loking for Buzz . The following hot kiss that happens before Woody runs outside the saloon is cut . Here you have it :

Then , without following the plot , let's go to the saloon sequence ( not the same saloon where Woody works ) .

Gone is the following scenes , visually describing the effects of alcohol on Buzz .

After the " Buzz turning into a puma " sequence , here is where the common copies of this cartoon resume , omitting all the sequence I described before .

Then , without following the continuity , let's go to the cutted ending sequence . After an explosion , Buzz is partially trapped into the saloon ' s piano ....

Here is where the majority of the available copies end . Actually , this is not the way it ends in my book !
What follows is possibly one of the most irriverent and dirtiest jokes I've ever seen in an animated cartoon of the Golden Age . Even the Fleischers got some limits !

The senorita kisses in reward our hero Woody , the top of her sombrero starts moving wildly ( simulating a know what ! ) , then Woody himself pops up from the top of the sombero and he goes right into the ceiling , ending the short with his trademark laugh .
I'm against any form of censorship , but I can understand why this sequence was cut when it aired on tv stations .

Last cut , the original ending title art !

Yours Truly ,

Duck Dodgers

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This cartoon is complete on the Wild and Woody tape. Matter of fact, I belived most of the cartoons that were edited on the Columbia House Tapes were previously released uncut on video.

1:01 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I remember seeing this cartoon uncut on afternoon tv back in the 1980s, titles, drunk gags and psuedo-orgasms intact! (and it's a funny cartoon, to boot!)

1:35 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This cartoon was always show uncut in Brasil till the mid to late 90s(always showed in childen shows without censor problems),but when Universal renewed the contract for Woody Cartoons in other network,the new prints came with this cuts.

11:01 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I cannot believe that a woman that can kiss Woody Woodpecker and it is the most powerful kiss on Woody Woodpecker in known history!

6:54 pm


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