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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Extra! Extra! Lost Kitten Found!

I'm the proud owner of a terrific copy( right from a 35mm print) of the "lost" Betty Boop cartoon "Pudgy and the Lost Kitten".
Thanks to my pal mmm...donuts and his great technical support, I recently transferred my VHS copy to a DVD without losing nothing of the original video quality. I'm now able to post screenshots.
I want to share some pictures from it with you.
Hope you enjoy.
Let me know your thoughts. It is one of the late Betty Boop cartoons featuring the ultra-cute sacharinous Pudgy, and it is one of the pup's best entries.

Yours Truly,

Duck Dodgers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, like the Pluto series, you're saying that the staff were getting the hang of improving the cartoons featuring Pudgy... but the Betty Boop series endded right when the character was becoming better.

1:33 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

I'm not a fan of the "cute stuff" ( I hate the Happy Harmonies and the cute fuzzy wuzzy animals and I really love what the great Screwy Squirrel do to the Harman/Ising-esque squirrel in "Screwball Squirrel").

However I have to admit that this cartoon is pretty well done and with good animation.

1:37 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't really like Pudggy or the Happy Harmonies series either except for Dance of the Weeds (I hate to admit it, but I do like the Silly Symphonies series, even if some of the early one were very weak).

4:32 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

some Happy Harmonies are good but it's just me, I can't stand the ultra-cute stuff.
But I adore the Sylly Symphonies!

"Who Killed Cock Robin", "The Tortoise and the Hare", "The Three Little Pigs","Music Land","The Old Mill", "The Skeleton Dance"...pure masterpieces.
And other cartoons like "Toby Tortoise Returns", "Three Little Wolves" are some of my favorites too...they just do not follow Disney's standards and look more like later WB stuff!
They were trying to do something different with these entries!

5:14 pm

Blogger BrandonPierce said...

You know, I was looking at those pics, and suddenly, Chuck Jones' "Feed the Kitty" popped into my brain.

11:58 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

it's more like Pluto's "Lend a Paw", but cuter.

3:58 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope they should put that "Pudgy and the Lost Kitten" on DVD someday. This cartoon is very hard to find.

1:58 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe this film is in the public domain. Perhaps you would consider extracting the MPEG2 file from your DVD and uploading it to the Internet Archive so the rest of us can see it? Your screen captures show your copy to be much better quality than the one already there. Thanks! :)

1:30 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. I am wondering If It's posseble to get a copy off this movie? I have been searching everywhere for it in better quality.


8:04 am


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