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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Know the Unknown!

Just to remind you a few of the things Disney does not want to release.
You have to watch the new Platinum Edition Peter Pan too!
There's also a featurette on the restoration called "How to destroy a classic"

Well, I'll be seein' ya,

Duck Dodgers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to destroy a classic? Is there really a featuratte on how to destory a classic?

7:49 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um... is there real reason for this post? It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.

9:03 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

No, sir...there is no such a featurette......were you aware of the concept of "sarcasm"?

3:25 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

The reason is that a friend of mine did not believe me when I described such footage in "Fantasia" so I had to show proofs.
The "Er...Hello?" title is actually an in-joke as me talking to him.

I posted the shot here because I know that no many people in the World ever knew or seen examples of this sequence.
Even if scenes like this are not politically correct, the feature was originally released with such sequences in it so that's how it should be put on dvd period.

3:29 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you do a post on the cartoon
"An Itch in Time"?

1:00 am

Blogger Hammerson said...

>> Can you do a post on the cartoon
"An Itch in Time"?<<

Yes. I will make a post about this cartoon, next weekend.

7:00 pm

Blogger David Germain said...

Here's something Time Warner might not have wanted me to release: Tom & Jerry Meet the Censor Monkeys. ;P

7:04 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Great work, David!

4:21 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since Peter Pan DVD has been out for maybe a month know (I dunno even when this post was written), you might have missed the furor behind the "How to destroy a classic" comment.

Which had to do with the look of the Peter Pan restoration... less saturated compared with VHS release, which some might consider more accurate (Even if I owned a cel, I'm not sure I would be sure what 'accurate' would mean, as far as the color palette).

In other words, Pan DVD looked yucky. Arguments on both sides as to why/why not, but it was enough to scare me off of buying it.

Sales Moratorium on Disney Classic animation features has come back in to play big time-- if you don't buy it now, you might not be able to buy it. This is after several years of letting the moratorium relax a bit, as the stuff would still sell as long as it was available, rather than creating false scarcity.

Some conjecture that lousy DVD restoration of these is because the real effort at this point might be a remastering for Blu-Ray or HD DVD release.

1:41 am


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