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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Sid Marcus moment.

One underrated classic cartoons director is sure Sid Marcus. He directed some funny and well timed entries at Columbia and later at Lantz, where he was even able to direct funny and entertaining stuff starring Chilly Willy.
Here's "Red Riding Hood Rides Again", where Tashlin's influence is pretty clear and strong. The wolf is, of course, voiced by "Big Bad" Billy Bletcher.

By the way, I have, courtesy of Hammerson, many other restored copies of Columbia/Screen Gems/UPA cartoons that were part of the "Totally Tooned In" TV show, which never aired in the States. So I don't think many of you are familiar with such beautiful copies.
Enjoy this, to begin.

See Youse,



Blogger Dave Mackey said...


Many of the individual cartoons from Totally Tooned In are airing on Animania as part of "The Classics" series. Sometimes the editors mess up and leave the TTI titles in.

11:51 pm


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