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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mice Week-Part VII

The final part of our Gus and Jaq marathon. Hope you liked it.

See Ya,



Blogger Maddie Anni Vercelli said...

This is such a lovely blog! Dears I'm looking for an image of a cartoon where a crow apears using glasses... but I don't know if it's an Tex Avery or Walter Lantz cartoon, I don't even remeber the name. Do tou have any clue?

11:12 am

Blogger Eric Noble said...

Actually, that was a pretty entertaining story. The storytelling was solid, and the drawings were wonderful. Whoever drew this story can draw a very appealing Donald Duck.

I like Gus-Gus. He likes himself the way he is, and that can be a positive influence on people.

1:50 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

love him
com'er bouy, listen to me when I'm takin to'ya

10:56 pm


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