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Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was so busy in the last months I almost forgot about my blog.
Here's a good Mighty Mouse story, drawn by one of his animators.
Maybe Carlo Vinci?

See Ya,
Duck Dodgers


Blogger Charlie Judkins said...

Great stuff! This is Connie Rasinski's work. Thanks so much for posting!

6:46 pm

Blogger 72lbs said...

great to see you active again. thanks for posting

9:25 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ciao, innanzitutto complimenti per il blog. Premetto che ho appena scoperto questo sito e non ho potuto vedere ogni singolo post. Vorrei chiederti una cosa che non c'entra niente ma magari puoi aiutarmi. In uno spot dei baci perugina, al sesto secondo circa si vede un cartone animato, decisamente in vecchio stile Per caso lo conosci o sai dirmi chi potrebbe essere l'autore? Sto impazzendo per trovarlo, ho pensato a Tex Avery ma non ho trovato niente. In ogni caso grazie. Ciao! :)


11:17 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ciao!!! Esplorando il tuo bellissimo blog ho trovato quello che cercavo, e si trova precisamente in un post di novembre 2006. Che dire?! Grazie e ancora complimenti! :)


11:25 pm

Anonymous Doug said...

I read many a Mighty Mouse comic when I was a kid, and I remember well the work that Connie Rasinski and Jim Tyer did. Rasinski was a very precise artist and had a somewhat dark imagination (exhibited here); Tyer was just plain wacky, and some of his Mighty Mouse stuff almost bordered on parody of the central character. Wonderfully imaginative.

You mentioned Carlo Vinci; did Vinci ever pen any Terrytoons comic books?

6:27 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well my comment is not going to do with this post but, where did you get that real orignal paramount copy of chesse burglar (1946)?

4:05 am

Blogger D.T.C. Studios said...

I've Seen mighty mouse on youtube along with deputy dawg heckle and jeckle.

2:35 pm

Anonymous Yugioh Episode said...

thanks great :3

10:54 pm

Anonymous tvcontents said...

Ohhh, I love to watch cartoons, especially this old ones. They're the best part of the TV contents!

9:02 pm

Blogger bookworm said...

Helllll-ppp!!! Is there anyone out there who remembers an old cartoon charactor called El Ka-boom? I'm I crazy? The charactor woul smash people over the head with a guitar an yell "KAA-BOOM!!"

9:17 pm

Blogger Cathy said...

One of my favorite classic cartoons of all time is Woody woodpecker!I will definitely buy dvd of Woody woodpecker series.

1:44 am

Anonymous Complaint Letter said...

This is really nice to see.. Thank u so much for posting..!!.

11:26 am

Blogger NightOwlTV said...

We have some classic cartoons and films posted on our youtube channel!

7:20 am


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