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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Did You Miss Me?- "Garden Gopher"


This funny Tex Avery cartoon was released with this cut even on the excellent "The Compleat Tex Avery" laserdisc boxed set.
Here you can see this gag as originally intended.

We start with Spike trying to get rid of the gopher.....

In many print, after the explosion, we cannot see the effect of the explosion on Spike.
Here you have what you were not allowed to of the most outrageous black face gags in cartoon history....

Yours Truly,

Duck Dodgers

Blog founder and Administrator


Blogger pas de nom said...

Though offensive to the politically correct, these older cartoons have so much truth in them...

I am against all of the main cartoon companies' attempts to prevent any of these "controversial" cartoons from being viewed by the general public; not only is it hypocritical, but it disrespectful to the genius creators of the toons in question.

I would pay dearly to see the Censored Eleven.

7:54 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^His layout is good for animating frames!

I don't haev a laserdisc player so I hope they release tha complete DVD collection soon! But UNCUT!

I, too, wish I could see the censored 11 and the other banned cartoons. Stupid Ted Turner and his stupid policy regarding racial sterotpying...

10:45 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TCM showed Birth of a nation yesterday. Why don't they show the 11?

11:37 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't diss Turner. He truly, passionately loves classic films and has done huge amounts towards making sure rare and great films(including shorts)are preserved and shown--putting his money behind something that never made him a ton of money in return. TCM exists soley because of him. The worst thing he ever did was his interest in "colorizing" away back before you were born, but he saw the light eventually & that faded away(fortunately).

Anyway, he's not stupid, far from it. Besides--I don't think Ted Turner even own the "Turner" archives anymore. So don't go blaming him. It's--brace yourself--TIME/WARNER BROS that's responsible now, and for some time now.

1:11 am

Blogger Online Degree said...

oh the memories...

5:08 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the screen grabs, Duck Dodgers. Keep up the good work!

11:10 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to be Black only to say I do not care about this steotypes.In Brasil this kind of cut does not makes sense ,once our humor is basicaly stereotype-Humor.All kind of it:Japonese(we are the bigest jap nation out side of Japan),Arabian(there are more libanese and descendent in Brasil that in Liban),people from north of brasil,Black people...

12:12 pm

Blogger larry h. said...

Given the absolute bollocks that populate the Saturday morning airwaves that passes for "cartoons", I'd say that this was the golden age of cartoons. Miss that stuff. Great blog, mate.

6:43 pm

Blogger Chuck Darwin said...

actually, the grease would have aided him in being blown from the blast.

/member of a chemistry club

5:47 am

Blogger Meirong said...

LOL . Love when Spike become like "chao da".. "chao da" means very black .
By the way, u took the every movements of the show or what?

9:07 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont see racism ...being black after blowing up is natural...and I wouldnt mind...

For Speedy Gonzalez we mexicans never felt offended...

so pls include it also

12:51 pm

Blogger Admin said...

i think nyc should have a bar where instead of sports constantly on tv they should run classic cartoons and they better have a good fix of Tom & Jerry

3:59 pm

Blogger Benjita said...

muy bueno eso de la secuencia de la animacion, me gustaria saber como lo conseguiste.

11:04 pm

Blogger Shawn Dickinson said...

I've got a complete Tex Avery BOOTLEG set that has this cartoon with that scene still in it. All the other cartoons on that set have all the cut scenes still in them too. Bootlegs are awesome, especially if you like UNcut cartoons with "offensive" and dirty jokes in them.

P.S. I love your blogs!

2:11 am

Blogger Keith said...

I can't put my finger on it, but eveytime I look at this, I laugh out loud! What makes that SO funny!?

Love the blogsite.

3:35 pm

Blogger Internet Operation Manger Mr.Ekeh said...

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1:21 am

Blogger Enigmatiko¬© said...

TOM & jerrY!!!!
creo que es mejor!!!

1:33 am

Blogger Porcupinetaxi said...

Those cartoons from the old days are so funny because they are true!

1:35 am

Blogger yon said...

excelent... no more to say

3:12 am

Blogger Peter Matthes said...

I love his face in panel 8 and 9.

6:29 am

Blogger adi said...

These cartoons bring back so many memories. It's great to see them again. This is one blog I'd definitely recommened to everyone.


7:00 am

Blogger FlyHighDude said...

man, this is the most awesome blogspot blog... ever...

I have fancied these cartoons for soooo long... i'm gonna search it for willie e coyote right about now.

keep up the good work, man.

5:06 pm

Blogger High Power Rocketry said...

It knocked the white off him...

Soo racist, good times!

10:30 pm

Blogger OhPunk! said...

You gotta try youtubing these!

** Shaun **
My awesome blog:


4:55 am

Blogger Larry T said...

That print looks awfully familiar.

Censorship sucks, pure and simple. I'd like to know what sort of 'covering my eyes so the scary monster won't get me' reasoning mentality these offices have.

3:15 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Larry T,
a pleasure to have you here!

( BTW, I did not have that print from you...)

3:39 pm

Blogger Terry_Jim said...

So politically incorrect today,
were these stereotypes considered as rude in their time?

Wouldn't it be something if the old Tex Avery , or Looney Toons
style of stereotyping was used on the Islamist fascists like they were on the Nazis and Tojo's minions.

Perhaps South Park is more the descendant of Looney Toons than say, Ed,Edd,Eddy, or other recent slapstick humor cartoons- at least in its political heritage.

7:29 am

Blogger JournoJoe said...

All this really really annoys me. Your blog is really good and brought a smile to my face....them cartoons I used to watch as a kid were so funny and there was not as much pressure to be "PC" Baa baa "rainbow" sheep etc!! ggrr do people really find these things so offensive? Anyway, detracting from the point I wanted to make, I wish my blog was as good or focused as yours!! keep it up.

10:45 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Thanks everyone for the nice words!

You are the ones that keep this blog alive!

10:51 am

Blogger Poptique said...

I guess it's all down to perception. When I was a kid the MGM back catalog used to be on permenent rotation on UK TV, and I can't remember it ever being noted by any of us that they contained racist stereotypes or "black face" gags.

We just laughed out tiny asses off in the same way we did when an anvil struck a character on the head and they shattered into pieces - the further conotations just went over our heads.

It's only later that all the supposedly offensive elements became apparent - but by that point I was able to put them into the historical context.

(In saying that though, the gag at the end of Droopy's Good Deed is pretty extreme...but hilarious)

4:26 pm

Blogger Poptique said...

Beautiful blog by the way...

4:28 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sigh ...
in many ways
i long for the pre-politically correct days

mainstream entertainment seemed to be so much more "real" in those days

8:47 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Duck Dodgers. I'm Speedy's Gal from the boards on GAC forums. I wonder if you remember me? Anyhow, I have been offline for a while, but love your blog. It's great to see all these golden age cartoons unedited, especially WWII cartoons which are my passion.

It's so hard to find good quality prints out there, and I'm not found of buying bootlegs because you might get ripped off. Are you going to post the scene from Droopy's Good Dead? I'd also like to see "Hare Ribbon" if you've got it, because that one is never shown.

Keep up the good work friend!

12:10 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Cool to have you here, Speedy's Gal.

I'll return to post soon, about some rarely seen Fleischer work.

6:05 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Droopy Good Deed, yes I saw that black woman being carried in Spikes arms from the burning house a very long time ago. How can anyone forget that part which was so racist. It is good they do not show it anymore on TV.

6:33 pm


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