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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Time for Clampett !

Well, I want you to see how great was Bob Clampett as a director from the very beginning.
While great attention is given to the "Man from Wackyland" masterpieces, like " Coal Black", " Tin Pan Alley Cats", "Kitty Kornered", "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" et cetera, less or not attention at all is given to his b/w cartoons, with the single exception of "Porky in Wackyland".

I want to show you how Clampett was able to create funny and wacky characters and situations, even with his low budget of the Thirties.
I'll update this post very soon with more amazing images!
As for now, enjoy these ones...and try to guess from which cartoons they come from!

Yours Truly,

Duck Dodgers

Blog Founder and Administrator


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first four stills are from Porky's Tire Trouble (1939), the next still is from Polar Pals(1939), the one after that is Porky's Picnic (1939), and the rest are from Porky's Last Stand (1940).

8:17 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Great job!
Stay tooned for other upcoming shots!

5:56 am

Blogger Animated AF said...

I love Porky's Last Stand to bits. That Silly Syphonies like song when Daffy tosses a pile of plates onto himself makes me cry laughing every time.

3:39 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now there's some B&W cartoons I can enjoy! I love his B&W cartoons, especially Porky In Egypt! Especially the camel's crazed monologue!

6:41 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More B&w looney tunes!!!!Please!!!

11:43 pm

Blogger C. A. M. Thompson said...

I love those shoes on the dog turning into hands. It's so crazy looking.

3:10 pm

Blogger David Germain said...

"Time for Clampett !"

Hey, when is it NOT time for Clampett. ;)

btw, I love that shot of Porky's Naughty Nephew about to snip off a squirrel's head. It's cute and cruel at the same time. Only Clampett could have pulled that off so beautifully.

12:54 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Yep, David!
I love it too!

1:56 pm

Blogger Moderator said...

I was the only kid on my block who never watched cartoons. At least now I can appreciate the artistic sensibility behind them.

5:57 pm

Blogger Shawn Dickinson said...

I love your blog! The Clampett cartoons are so hard to find these days. Where do you get them??

9:13 pm

Blogger 'Dela said...

Hey Duck, stumbled across your blog as it was listed on main page as a blog to visit.

do you have any Beany & Cecil? classic Bob Clampett cartooooooooooooon!

thx (i'm a Disney...Mr. Walter Elias...addict myself)

9:42 pm

Blogger Kellius said...

I'm not sure whats going on in your blog. But it looks cool.

My blog is cool too.

Doesn't have cartoons though :(


9:46 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:39 pm

Blogger onceonce said...

great blog...i love it...thanks duck dodgers!!!

11:50 pm

Blogger BionicBuddha said...

These cartoons are truly classic...a great feel of nostalgia and they are reminiscent of what might seem to be a simpler and kinder time.

1:43 am

Blogger High Power Rocketry said...

I love these old toons, I would love to see the video! :)

Welcome to the blogger front page.

1:45 am

Blogger CaptainCraft said...

Cool cartoons, I haven't seen them since I was a kid. There was a local television station that use to play them called Mr. Cartoon. I really wish they played these more on television now.
Wishing You Good Health And Plenty Of Wealth,
S.Scott Craft

2:38 am

Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Great idea, I love the blog. I posted on you on my blog.

Blog on,
Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

3:55 am

Blogger Unknown said...

nice!!!!!!!!! keep updating.

4:33 am

Blogger Christopher Trottier said...

You've just reminded me of some wonderful memories.

8:03 am

Blogger Aaron said...

This blog rocks. My brother and I used to watch classic cartoons on TNT in the early to mid 90's they would play them for hours. It seemed like the ones that they played were uncut and untouched unlike what they do with them today. Peace.

11:41 am

Blogger Lux said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I luv this!!! so cute so vintage!!! keep it real :) muahhhhhhhhhhh


4:01 pm

Blogger Maureen said...

I LOVE the old toons...I have a Bugs Bunny storyboard, but it's not that old, from 1977 and I collect cels from the Ewoks series (certainly not as great as these works of art) because I love to draw I am amazed at the amount of work it took to create. Thanks for sharing these great stills!

6:44 pm

Blogger Sluggo said...

I think a clip of the (whatever it is) playing xylophone on the whale's teeth was used in the video for Devo's "The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize." Interesting...

7:11 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

It is a fish, sluggo.

9:03 pm

Blogger Oh, Miss! said...

those are truly a gem! I love cartoons, wanted to be a cartoonist once.......

2:45 am

Blogger Mob said...

Great stills, what a fun site.

3:10 am

Blogger FlyHighDude said...

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4:18 am

Blogger CerealKiller said...

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