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Saturday, July 07, 2007

"I Yam what I Yam and I Yam the DVD event of the Year"

I did not post a title. Not only because Blogger is crazy today, oh no, but because I remained without words. The restoration of the cartoons in the upcoming Popeye DVD set is eye popping!!!

Firts of all, allow me to thank Madison Carter, freelancer for Marvel Comics (wow!!). You'll know more about the guy following the link to his myspace page.
As I was saying, before I was brutally interrupted by myself, Madison was so kind to send me screenshots from the upcoming Popeye DVD set. The collection will be available to the public only starting from the last day of this month so, you viewers of this blog, have now an opportunity to admire a sneak preview of the quality of the restored cartoons featured in it. Enjoy and don't forget to thank Madison Carter. By the way, go here and look for his reviews!

And now, time for the amazing shots! Don't forget to click for larger resolution!

Well, I'll be seein' ya,
Duck Dodgers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dear sir, I thank you for posting these screen caps. The black and white 'toons look like they were just made hot off the press. I didn't like how 'Sinbad' turned out though...Oh well. Everything happens for a reason, I guess.

7:43 am

Blogger Chris Sobieniak said...

I'm rather impressed at how prominent the "greens" are in those color 2-reelers that used to be rather faint and not as eye-catching before. Needless to say I'm not too upset at the change, but it is a nice fresh start from the way I had seen it before.

10:45 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! The screenshots is look impressive and this shorts is never so beautiful. The black-and-white is very well done but th coloured is pretty and amazing. They make a great job for the restoration.

12:29 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is HD, folks!"

Thanks for the great pics, but I don't understand the "HD" comment. Even the larger pics in the links look like standard def DVD, certainly not anything approaching the 1080 rez of HD.

Was this a typo, or did you mean that the restoration was done at HD rez and will be released on the high-def disc formats? In which case I will kneel down right now and give thanks to any God you like!

12:45 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

what I meant is that the restoration level is amazing. I was not speaking of the HD format, I meant that the level of restoration is incredibily high.

1:43 pm

Blogger J. J. Hunsecker said...

Wow! Thanks for the screenshots. Glad I pre-ordered this set.

5:43 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:54 pm

Blogger Zoli said...

Very well!!!You made a good work!!!

11:05 pm

Blogger Kevin W. Martinez said...

Words cannot express how beautiful and gorgous these Screengrabs are. Turly some of the best restoration work I've seen.

Andrea, I used some of your screengrabs to make side-by-side comparision with screens of the faded copies floating around on the net (in order to show just how extensive a restoration these cartoons got). Is that all right?

12:05 am

Blogger C. A. M. Thompson said...

Man, I can't wait. This is going to be the best DVD ever. I don't know if there's going to be debate about the color restoration, but the details you can see that you couldn't before are incredible. Thanks for the pics.

2:46 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

it's ok

where do you see DVNR?

6:59 am

Blogger TheFuzzyPubes said...


7:35 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frame 9!

12:28 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

That is not DVNR.
Those are the classic "clouds of dust" you see during a fight in cartoons.....

7:22 am

Blogger Kurtis Findlay said...

Holy Moley! This looks amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on this!

1:01 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone else reckon certain bits look a little oversaturated? Warner certainly overpumped a few of the Looney Tunes shorts. As long as there is no horrible DVNR artifacting then I'll be a happy man, these screenshots look great by the way.

7:37 am

Blogger Eric said...

Does the first screenshot of the Betty Boop/Popeye title look crooked to you? Was this a mistake in the transfer process?

2:28 am


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