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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bob Wickersham's "Woodsman Spare that Tree"

This blog has recently added to his visitors Bob Whickersham's great nephew so I decided to highlight one of his grandpa's best animated shorts.
The screenshots come from what is, so far, the best version available of the cartoon. Restored and professionally-transferred in DVD-like quality, the only reason of complaint is that damn "B" TV logo (which is, at least in my opinion, less annoying that time code or "CN" and "Fox" logos that I've sen in other copies).
On the cartoon now.
"Woodsman spare that Tree" is the second Fox and Crow cartoon and one of the series' best entries. The basic structure of the shorts is made, like the previous Tashlin cartoon, of blackout gags. However here there's more interaction between the two characters.
The backgrounds are marvellous, the animation is very good (it looks to me like Hawkins can be spotted, at the beginning and during the clock scene, but maybe Thad knows more)and the gags are great.
Yep, your great grandpa sure did a good job here.

Well, I'll be seein' ya,
Duck Dodgers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great shots, I'm again astounded by the quality of the images. I's so assuring that some of the rare shorts are available in adequate form. The "B" logo is far less annoying than the timecode that one of my versions has superimposed.
Hm, wouldn't the grandfather of Bob Wickersham's nephew be either the father, uncle, or father-in-law of Bob?


8:40 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Bob Wickersham was the "dad" of the father of danimack's Mum.
Danimack is the nickname of the guy that said to be the great nephew of this Golden Age director.

4:41 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, that is some crystal clear quality, DD! And also one of my fave Fox and Crow cartoons, too. But I find it stupidly annoying that Boomerang US can show cartoons like Screen Gems and Walter Lantz whilst Boomerang UK gets stuck with "Foster's Home" and "Camp Lazlo" >_<

Anyways, I'd love for you to do a few more F&C blog posts in the future. Or even some video clips, if it's at all possible...

7:57 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures, Duck! It looks like a very entertaining cartoon. I especially like the ending.

10:04 pm

Blogger Hammerson said...

>>But I find it stupidly annoying that Boomerang US can show cartoons like Screen Gems and Walter Lantz whilst Boomerang UK gets stuck with "Foster's Home" and "Camp Lazlo" <<

Actually, these Columbia/Screen Gems cartoons were shown on Boomerang Spain, and not Boomerang US. They used to regularly show the "Totally Tooned-In" package, with restored Columbia and UPA cartoons.

1:12 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have yet to see any Walter Lantz or Columbia cartoons on Boomerang US. They've only recently begun showing Popeye cartoons, but they're running those awful "repainted in Korea" crap cartoons instead of the actual Fleischer ones. Idiots.

2:03 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

> Bob Wickersham was the "dad" of
> the father of danimack's Mum.
> Danimack is the nickname of the
> guy that said to be the great
> nephew of this Golden Age
> director.

Now I'm even more confused. The line of genealogy you describe in your first sentence would make Danimack the great-grandson of Bob, rather than grandson or even grand-nephew (is that what you mean by "great nephew", or perhaps you confuse the word "nephew" = "son of sibling" with "grandson" = "son of offspring"? I suppose the latter, which would make Bob indeed the great-grandfather of Denimack?

Absolutely no offense meant, Duck, as I know English is not your native lingo (mine neither). And please keep up the great (and grand) posts.


8:36 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Don't worry at all, anonymous.
If I made errors, I "demand" to be corrected.
Well, that's exaclty what danimack said:
"Actually, Bob Wickersham is my great Grandfather!!! You probably won't believe me, but he is. He's my mom's dad's dad. Well, adoptive parent...but all the same."

As you can see, it is a bit hard to understand the whole thing (at least for me). It looks as there's actually no Wickersham's blood in danimack.

3:22 pm

Blogger Happy Miser said...

HEEEELLLPPPPP!! Can anyone direct me to any DVDs or VHS tapes that have ANY of these cartoons that you have so generously shared here? Also does any US TV network show them? What about lobbying for their release on DVD? Could ASIFA finance a cartoon rarities DVD to test the waters? Who do we have to !@$% to get them released? I know we'll never see the Disney stuff but what about the rest. The generation that grew up with these politically incorrect masterpieces (us) is not getting any younger and, consequently, the market for these gems will be dead (literally) soon. I love this blog!!

9:47 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Why we'll not see the Disney stuff? Actually we are seeing almost every Disney short on DVD( we only miss several special shorts, many Donald Duck cartoons and much of the silent production).

About THIS cartoon to be released, I suggest you to visit the Cartoon Research site, the FAQ section, where you'll learn more about cartoons, copyrights and Studios.

4:54 pm

Blogger Judith Lee Fullerton said...

Danimack is indeed the greatgramdchild of Bob Wickersham. Their father was adopted but has a great interest in his father's (Bob Wickersham) work. Bob Wickersham's birth daughter lives in Washington state. We are all excited to find so much information on your Classic Cartoons as the family hasn't been able to collect much information, especially on the Disney work that he did since he was one of the strikers.

3:50 am

Blogger Judith Lee Fullerton said...

danimack is indeed one of the greatgrandchild of Robert Wickersham. Their father was adopted by Robert Wickersham in the 1930s. He also has a birth daughter who lives in Washington state. The family is very excited to find so much information on Bob. They haven't been able to acquire very much and most of his cels were donated to charity.

3:55 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Well, if they have some other cels or drawings I would be interested if they could donate them to me.
I know much about his work and cartoons and I would love to share my infos with them, posting here shots from some of the best cartoons he directed or worked on.
Please let them know this.
If you or the family want to contact me my address is:

10:42 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I wasn't clear about my lineage friends! My grandfather is David Wickersham, Bob's adopted son. My mother's maiden name is Kim Wickersham. So technically no, I'm not blood related. But all the same, we have a picture of him working in the studio and since I was little, it had inspired me to persue art. And here I am today, in college at SDSU in San Diego, in an art major! Anyways, my mom told us kids a story about how Bob had a whole bunch of cells stored in his basement and a relative threw them out thinking they wouldnt be worth anything, just mere sketches....think about that one for a bit!

And to clear one other thing Danimack = Danielle Mack, making me his NIECE ;-)

P.s. Who is the daughter you speak of in Washington??

Thanks guys

1:45 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

if you want to sell/give away arts of your dad simply contact me at my address:

Your grandpa was also an excellent comic artist. I've many stories drawn by him....

6:23 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The daughter in Washington is Marylou. He also had two other adopted daughters Betsy in Idaho and Laura in Georgia. I can not believe I found this blog and am very happy that his name and work are still alive. He was the best.

10:39 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I can tell you some info on Bob Wickersham. He has four children (married three times). David (who, yes, was adopted) and Marylou from the first marriage...Elizabeth (Betsy) from second, and Laura (adopted) from third marriage. He also had, from the above, eleven grandchildren. He passed away when I was fourteen and Laura was ten in Illinois. He was a funny guy with lots of talent and dearly loved his family. Unfortunately, when he passed away his third wife deposed of all of the "drawings" that were in his office (she did not understand their value to the family). As far as I know, the family has very little of his works. Betsy

4:49 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great blog! A friend of mine who is a Bugs Bunny and classic cartoon fan told me about this.

Uncle Bob (he was my mother's mother's brother) animated a classic Bugs called "Big Top Bunny" which is one of my favorites.

A big "Thank You!" to whoever posted the screen shots - they are great!

Continuing the geneaology lesson, Marylou is my Godmother and lives both in Washington and Arizona.

Take care all!

6:08 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bio Info:

WICKERSHAM, Robert (Bob) (“Bob WICK’’) (c1910-1962)
Animator: MINTZ Early 30s; DISNEY 32-33/35-37 (Mickey Mouse 34-38 [Playful Pluto 34, Mickey’s Steamroller 34, Mickey Plays Papa 34, The Dognapper 34, Mickey’s Man Friday 35, The Band Concert 35, Pluto’s Judgment Day 35, Thru the Mirror 36, Pluto’s Quin-puplets 37, Lonesome Ghosts 37, Mickey’s Parrot 38], Silly Symphony 33-38 [The Night Before Christmas 33, The Flying Mouse 34, The Robber Kitten 35, Who Killed Cock Robin? 35, Three Orphan Kittens 35, Broken Toys 35, Elmer Elephant 36, Three Blind Mouseketeers 36, More Kittens 36, Little Hiawatha 37, The Old Mill 37, Wynken Blynken and Nod 38], Donald Duck 38 [Polar Trappers 38, Donald’s Golf Game 38]); IWERKS 33-35; FLEISCHER c38-41 (Popeye 40 [Popeye Meets William Tell], Gabby 40-41, Animated Antics 41, Mr. Bug Goes to Town 41); HARMAN-ISING/WARNER BROS. 32; WARNER BROS. 51 (Bugs Bunny 51, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck 52); COLUMBIA/SCREEN GEMS 41-42 (Fox and Crow 41, Tito, Li'l Abner, Flippity and Flop); TERRYTOONS 50s

Story: FLEISCHER 40-41 (Gabby 41, Animated Antics 41, Mr. Bug Goes to Town 41); COLUMBIA/SCREEN GEMS 45-46 (Fox and Crow 45, Phantasy 46)

Director: COLUMBIA/SCREEN GEMS 41-46 (Fables 42, Tito 42, Fox and Crow 42-46, Rhapsodies 42-47, Phantasies 43-47, Li’l Abner 44, Flippy 46); CARRY-WESTON 46

Owner/Animator: TV SPOTS 48-c54 (TV Commercials)

Character Designer/Director/Producer: SWIFT-CHAPLIN 50s (Jolly Green Giant TV Commercials)

5:04 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another site that has some information and cartoons annimated by Bob Wick:

5:07 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thank for the information. I did not know it.

11:24 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

)))))))))) I to you cannot believe :)

2:35 am

Anonymous David Wickersham said...

Nice to hear all the nice info on my father. I have many fine memories of him and his work but it is interisting to see that there are other people who enjoy his work even today. It is also nice to see my granddaughter and Sister picked up on this blog. I'm open for questions on my father and will answer them as best as I can remember.
David Wickersham

9:22 pm

Anonymous teri wickersham small said...

Bob was my grand father did not know him he passed when I was little (I was around 7 months old when he passed) but my dad Dave Wickersham talked about him and I am loving all this stuff. What a great bit of history to learn.

10:25 am

Anonymous lisa Chapman said...

Marc!! We just saw this! (marc is my cousin and my mom remembers all of these folks). My dad (marc's uncle Gordon) also had some of bobs work but unfortunately we've been unable to find it. Cool family lore is that uncle bob invited "Donald duck" to my dads 5th birthday party... Apparently it was ducky Nash (voice of Donald if I have the name right). Dad also ended up being an artist as was my (and marcs) grandma who was bob wickershams sister.

8:45 pm


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