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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I give you the Boid! Dead and Resurrected too!

Here you have another strange and particular cartoon. "Song of the Birds" is a remake of a previous Fleischer cartoon (soon to be highlighted by my friend Hammerson in the following days)by the same title, starring Little Audrey.
What is so unbelievable in both cartoons, an expecially in this one, is the dramatic impact of some scenes, expecially the one when the bird finds his own son----dead!
Watch for a funeral (!) and for a "resurrection"!
I'm quite fond of the Mammy character, greatly animated (look for her wacky and funny poses).
Enjoy! I know how crappy is the print you are used to see. This is different, don't worry.


Duck Dodgers


Blogger Unknown said...

Holy Moley!Terrific grabs Andrea,
It really is a dark cartoon- but most boys have this grim realization, after shooting anything with their first BB gun-- death is forever- not like a cartoon where they are back in the next scene.So, here's a cartoon where it happens, maybe all cartoon animals come back thru this weird ceremony. Little Audrey is really a great character- more interesting to me than Little Lulu whom she replaced.

1:19 pm

Blogger Unknown said...

Amazing screen grabs, Andrea-This is rather dark subject matter- but most boys have gone thru this ordeal-- after shooting an animal with a bb gun. The realization that it's dead- forever, and won't come back in the next scene. This is a cartoon that shows a mysterious ritual that brings the birdy back-- perhaps all cartoons are resilient like this and come back after undergoing a ritual like this!It's kind of a sweet take on the same subject as Steven King's "Pet Cemetary". Great post Andrea!

1:27 pm

Blogger Kevin W. Martinez said...

Hi Andrea,

Those screenshots look even better than I expected them to. They totally blow the Red NTA print out of the water.

This is one of my favorites Audrey cartoons for a couple of reasons; It's incredibly dark (The haunting Winston Sharples score that accompanies the scene of the of the baby bird's "funeral" is some of his best work), and because the infamous 1-2-3 timing hadn't yet been permanently set in stone when this cartoon is made, the story is allowed a little breating room for maximum effect.

This partiuclar design of Audrey (Blue dress, all three pigtails visible at any angle like Mickey's ear, taller build than either Steve Muffatti's or Warren Kermer's 1950's redesigns) was the one I used to make the drawing of her I showed on my blog.

1:40 pm

Blogger Unknown said...

Wow what a beautiful print! Best I've seen. This is also a favorite of mine because it's such a tear-jerker. This is one example where Famous Studios was on par with Disney.

Thank you for posting these screen shots.

2:43 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This seems to be the month of disturbing cartoons on this blog*wink*wink*

4:16 pm

Blogger classicparamountcartoons said...

This indeed does look like a mix of Famous and Disney for the style...
first off, it was based on a Fleischer cartoon. Some think Fleischer is a copycat of Disney.
and second and lastly; It was directed by Bill Tytla. Perhaps he brought some of his Disney roots to Famous.

For a 1949 Little Audrey short, the maid looked quite diffrent than she did in this blog's previous post with Little Audrey.

I can see how Famous' character design has evolved.

5:06 pm

Blogger Hammerson said...

>>Song of the Birds" is a remake of a previous Fleischer cartoon (soon to be highlighted by my friend Hammerson in the following days) <<

Yes folks, I'm gonna give you the "boid" too. Check out the post on Fleischer cartoon this Friday evening.

6:12 pm

Blogger Animated AF said...

Haha, what an irresponsible maid! "You go outside with that shotgun I'm still letting you hold while loaded little girl!"

4:25 pm

Anonymous Musing & Lyrics said...

Thank you for identifying the 1935 cartoon on which the Audrey short was based. When I was little, my older brothers would sing that version of the funeral song (different and more poignant than the Audrey version) to make me cry. Decades later, it's a running joke between us and they sing it to me on my birthday. It's a fun family memory, and I've been trying to track down where it came from. Many thanks!

3:00 pm


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