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Friday, February 01, 2008

When Tyer was in Flower

I've watched many Terrytoons of the 50s during the last days. These are the years in which Tyer was given long footage to animate in almost every short Terry produced.
The commentator in "When Mousehood was in Flower" stands out among Tyer's best works.

Pip-pip Cheerio,
Duck Dodgers



Blogger Guilherme said...

Hey there!

I am a regular visitor of your blog, but I've never leaved a comment.

Congratulations for your blog, and like JohnK, never stop publishing.

Greetings from Brazil!

10:39 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great stuff. but... do you think you can post any Tyer animation from the Popeye cartoons he worked on?

11:08 pm

Blogger Rne said...

In nowadays mainstream shorts a character canĀ“t smoke in so many different ways! And, of course, neither can be animated in that manner.

9:25 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Hi yosemite(get it),

yeah, I'd love it but sadly I don't have many great prints of the Famous Popeye and Tyer's animation is in many of the 40s entries (can't wait for Popeye volume 3).
However I do have some gorgeous b/w Popeye with Tyer animation.
I'll try to do shots from them in the not so distant future.

2:09 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember a little good Tyer work in a Gaston Le Crayon - either Gaston's Easel Life or Gaston's Baby. I'd love to see them frame-by-frame!


2:55 pm

Blogger Linda Glover said...

Nice screenshots, Andrea!

BTW, it's "Pip-Pip Cheerio" (I normally say that to my friends on AIM - lol!)

6:56 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Oh, thanks, Lee.

By the way, I'm Sbirulon on Aim! Pip-pip (see?I'm a fast learner) Cheerio me sometimes^^

2:34 pm

Blogger Kasey said...

If I had a quarter for every time Jim Tyer is highlighted on an animationn blog, I'd be a billionaire.
Not that I find that a bad thing. ;)

10:42 pm

Blogger Aurorah said...

i love it when his helmet squashes down like a garbage can lid :)

9:01 pm


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