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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Wolf in Disney's clothings

I'm a real fan of Disney's Big Bad Wolf comicbook stories. After Barks'stories, the ones starring him are my favorite in the Disney comics made in the States.
Here's a great one, drawn by Gil Turner.

Well, I'll be seein' ya,
Duck Dodgers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^ I love the original Disney cartoons. They are so much fun and put a smile on your face no matter your age. =D

8:51 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comic is one of my favorite Big Bad Wolf stories. Love the self-parody of the studio's boss. I did found it funny that Chicken Little was in it, since he met a grim end in the cartoon of the same name. Pehaps this story took place prior to that incident?

10:16 pm

Blogger Bare_footkid said...

i loved this. i recently found this site trying to find the three good monkeys with that devil. After almost 15 years i finally get to see it again. Im on a crusade for the old cartoons of yore.

Does anyone remember a cartoon that had to do with a composer, and the musical notes came to life and one was in love with the treble clef or something. It ended very sad. i remember that cartoon having a deep effect on me. I cant remember what studio produced it either. damn.

1:22 am

Blogger ramapith said...

Andrea, I guess this is where you and I become mortal enemies!... or at least have a difference of opinion (-:
I love Gil Turner's work a lot of the time, but this is IMHO one of his weaker stories. It's just the tired formula of "let's try catching the pigs with a new disguise, until either Brer Bear or (in this case) a predicable-yet-contrived accident gets in the way."
The fact that the disguise is (sort of) Walt Disney can't save the story for me... instead, it feels like the in-jokes are brought in simply to distract us from the weakness of the story otherwise!
For me, Gil Turner is best and funniest when he tells stories about Zeke swindling Brer Bear, teaching bad habits, or trying to catch the pigs with technology or magic, which are less predictable than a disguise.
Turner did do one disguise story I love, though: the school play story from WDC&S 104! Zeke is in disguise as a wolf ("me disguised as myself") to catch a pig costumed as Little Red Riding Hood... until his own aspirations to become a stage star get in the way. Now there's a twist we didn't see coming! (We'd like to reprint this at Gemstone, but all available line art stats need serious repair; we'll get to it sooner or later.)

1:44 am

Blogger Thad said...

Oh this one is a CLASSIC. Thanks for the reminder.

2:32 am

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

the story you have pointed is another favorite of mine. I love this one here expecially for the annoying Chicken Little character but I do not dislike the stories in which Zeke is just an wolf in disguise".
For example, I adore the one in which he dresses as the Blue Fairy to catch Pinocchio!

Guess what saves for me even the Turner's stories that could look weak to you is the graphical magnificence of each page.

7:06 am


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