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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Oswald in "The Prehistoric Egg"

Enjoy this classic Ozzie story written by John Stanley and notice the abundance of feminine pulchritude, made in the same period Mickey Mouse was starting to interact with pin-ups tout court in his daily strips series.

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Blogger Frank M. Young said...

Thanks for posting this!
Actually, as this story was published in 1947, I think Gottfredson was the first to do the pin-up style cuties in funny animal comics.

I've always felt this story was inspired by Gottfredson's work, in both its zany adventure plot and its cartoon cheesecake...

3:23 pm

Blogger Silvio Spotti said...

You should save this pages using RAR so we can use the CD display to read it.
Its a lot of fun.
Keep posting it.

2:18 am

Anonymous Luca Boschi said...

Monto interessante, Andrea!
Certo, the artist is Lloyd White, the same of Li'l Eight Ball, who worked a lot for Western in this period.

Thank you for posting this strange story.

Luca Boschi

1:20 pm


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