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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Popeye Volume 3: A Milestone!

Three years ago I've obtained all the Popeye b/w entries in DVD-like quality. I never thought that one day I would have owned even better copies. Nevertheless, the day 30 of September will see the release of Popeye volume 3 (stay tooned for tons of screenshots from volume 2 to be posted here soon)and this means that all the sailor's black and white output will finally be on DVD, restored, with original opening etc.: in few words, the way his cartoons were originally released.
For you lovers of classic WW2 racial stereotypes here a few shots from the cartoons that will see DVD release in September (and in even better video quality!!). This should give you an idea about why these are so rare and how much a milestone this third volume will be for us animation collectors.

Winner of the "Most Offensive WW2 Racial Gag Ever" award!!




Blogger Martin Juneau said...

That's a great cartoon Andrea! I watched it ealier this year and i can't wait for the 3rd DVD release.

8:26 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Shots here come from "You are a Sap Mr. Jap" and "Scrap the Japs". The last one got some infamous lines, like when, while a Japanes is running away, Popeye remarks "I've never seen a Jap that wasn't yellow!".

6:47 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't we choose our words carefully, guys? I normally never speak out like this, but I'm dismayed that we've got this post up here at all. It comes across as if we're positively delighting in the racism of these cartoons. I know that we're *really* just glad to get something rare that a censor might have otherwise withheld, but I think the average reader passing by this site is very likely to get the wrong impression.

Then we'll be flamed at other websites, and Warners may take undeserved complaints for releasing the cartoons (which, you'll remember, hasn't actually happened yet; it's only been announced... so the decision could still be reversed... Warners is known for actually recalling and destroying the entire print runs of certain past DVD releases. *Really*, fellas!)

1:15 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Uhm, David, I might admit I didn't know if make this post at all or not but then I came out that my blog is visited by collectors, enthusaists and aficionados of classic animation.
And the intro at the beginning of my blog apologies in advance for anything that might result offensive for the casual viewers.
What I obviously meant with this post is that this DVD release is a milestone because it shows a mature approach by a company like WB.
THESE cartoons are productions of THOSE days. They have an historical meaning. They allow to study and understand a particular period of World's History.
But I understand your fears. I had them too. But I came out that if they can announce such amazing release, why I cannot celebrate their "bravery" and plaude to their understanding of the hystorical piece of Americana they are helping to come out of the dust?

1:50 pm


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