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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Introducing....Beaky Buzzard

As can be shown here, "The Snerd Bird" was named Beaky right in 1942, in his first comicbook appearence (from FC 16, the first one devoted to Porky Pig and first time our porcine character starred in long adventures). In his second animated starring role, however, Beaky will still be called Killer.
Guess that they decided to use him again in cartoons because it was so much used in comics.
The story is hilarious just for the poses of Beaky and the fact that they used a giant version of Sniffles.

Your Truly,
Duck Dodgers


Blogger ramapith said...

Thanks so much for posting these, Andrea! This is a story/issue that I myself have never had access to, beyond looking briefly through it in a Danish friend's collection.
Do note, though, that while Beaky's Mama calls him Killer, his name is Beaky also on the model sheets for THE BASHFUL BUZZARD, so really that was also his name in his second cartoon.
Many years ago, I spoke with Chase Craig, one of the first writers/editors on the Warner comics. I asked him: "Beaky was called Killer on-screen in his first cartoon, and he first seems to have gotten the name Beaky in the comics. Did you give it to him?" He said no, the animation people provided them with the name in 1942. So evidently, the character was internally named Beaky from the start, or close to the start.
"Uh... yup! yup! yup!"

1:49 pm

Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

Thanks for sharing those additional infos, David!
There's another story in FC 18, drawn by the same artist that drew this one (don't know who he is but surely my friend Alberto Becattini would know) by the way.
Do you want me to post that one too? It' nothing of particular interest though.

3:07 pm


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