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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Happy 100-th birthday to the King of Cartoons!

I already wanted to make a post about this cartoon earlier in the month, but today seems to be a good occasion to do it. SH-H-H-H-H-H is Tex Avery's last theatrical cartoon, produced during his brief return to Walter Lantz studio, where he began his career 25 years earlier, working on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Despite the low budgets, inferior animators and soundtrack (compared to his MGM films), Avery created an extraordinary and slightly disturbing cartoon. At the same time, it's for me a very sad cartoon to watch, because it gives me the similar feeling like listening to the last Beatles recordings - it marks the end of the brilliant and groundbreaking career that finished prematurely.

Enjoy these screenshots from SH-H-H-H-H-H, the final statement from one of the greatest and most innovative artists of the 20th century.
Happy Birthday Tex, and thank you for the legacy of laughter!

Here are the other Tex Avery cartoons featured on this blog so far (with promise of much more to come next month):

  • Miss Glory (1936)
  • The Isle of Pingo Pongo (1937)
  • The Little Red Walking Hood (1937)
  • All This and Rabbit Stew (1941)
  • Crazy Cruise (1942)
  • Blitz Wolf (1942)
  • Screwball Squirrel (1944)
  • Garden Gopher (1950)
  • Droopy DVD collection

    And take a look at this nice tribute to Tex by David Germain:
    David Germain's tribute to Tex Avery
    David made a funny comic that features Avery (and the other two of the greatest cartoon directors), and also set up a wonderful collection of links to the large quantity of complete Tex Avery cartoons. Don't miss it!



    Blogger Duck Dodgers said...

    I cannot load David Germain's post. Guess it's incredibly long. Is it happening to other people?

    11:00 am

    Blogger Hammerson said...

    I had no problem at all, except that it takes some time (up to 1 minute) for the whole page to load, because of the numerous Dailymotion links included in the post.

    1:24 pm

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh my lord, I completely remember "SH-H-H-H-H". What a great cartoon! Do you happen to know if it is available on DVD? What a classic!

    12:01 am

    Blogger Hammerson said...

    Yes, it is available. It's on WOODY WOODPECKER AND FRIENDS vol.1 DVD collection, together with Tex Avery's other three Lantz cartoons.

    5:45 am

    Blogger Martin Juneau said...

    Sh-h-h-h-h is such one of the most brillant cartoons Avery did during 25 years. I love the timing gags and the background styles and the re-use of the laughing record is incredible.

    Avery did a great small work at Walter Lantz Studio but it wasn't the same after his left.

    9:03 pm

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Does anyone know where i may download sh-h-h-h-h? all the copies ive found so far look like crap, and the sound isnt any better
    this copy looks great!

    4:39 pm

    Blogger Lourdes AngĂ©lica Lira Cuevas said...


    I'm a Little Lulu's fan. I just saw the shots you have from "Lulu get's the birdie". They're awesom!

    Do you know how I can download the video?

    Thank you!!

    (Sorry about the grammar errors, I from Mexico, and i don't write english really good)

    5:03 pm

    Blogger Hilda said...

    This was hilarious!

    I can understand why you said it's disturbing, but it sure doesn't lessen the fun!

    8:47 am


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